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Last year we had the pleasure of premiering a video for “The Ever Watchful Eye“, a track off the third album by the Costa Rican extreme metal band Advent of Bedlam, which was then set for release in May 2018 by Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Today we have the happy opportunity to remind you of that album — Human Portal Phenomenon — by premiering yet another video for yet another killer track off the album. This one is “A Liar’s Spit

For those of you who might have overlooked it, this latest Advent of Bedlam record is recommended for fans of Belphegor, Dead Congregation, Hate Eternal, Immolation, Incantation, and Morbid Angel. As those names might suggest, it delivers a brand of death metal that’s ferocious and technically impressive, augmented by progressive instrumental flourishes, flashes of blackened barbarism, and a welcome attention to melody.


photo by David Rodriguez


Those ingredients are on display in “A Liar’s Spit“, which is a full-throttle barrage of cold-hearted fury and incendiary savagery, but the blood-rushing intensity of the song is balanced with emotionally involving melody.

The storming begins with a seething, yowling, and searing riff and rampantly blasting drums. The riffing morphs into a vicious assault of cyclonic sound waves as vocalist Roy Zumbado begins roaring, and then the rhythmic drive shifts into a mix of jolting riffs and explosive drum crashes. The band move back and forth in a cycle, between fiery guitar work and tumultuous drum destruction and more bleak and brutal assaults. The song becomes a tapestry of war-zone blood-letting, tortured delirium, and intense agony, amplified by Zumbado‘s livid howls and united by threads of dark melody, both dissonant and harmonious.

Lyrically, as the band explain, the song is about “the puritan upbringing of our parents, the self-suppression caused by fear and insecurities generated by the outside, accustomed to live a ‘printed , pre-made way’. To outrun it you must see inwards: ‘I’m the solution but it’s a hard path to reach the real oneself…”

The professionally executed black-and-white video (which begins with a spit in your face!) makes a great medium for the music, combining fast-cutting, multiple-camera footage from the band’s live performances at Zona de los Santos and Universidad Nacional in Costa Rica, reptilian cameos, and other well-timed video effects.


The album as a whole also makes for a great listen, with lyrical themes inspired by a range of subjects, including Nikola Tesla’s poem ‘Fragments Of Olympian Gossip’, as well as Orwellian hymns and subjects concerning debt, synapses, and organ traffic. We’ve included a full stream of the album along with today’s video premiere.






  1. Very solid indeed! A little more bangable MA hooks/swagger wldve been welcome perhaps and vocals tend to be samey across songs but nary a dull moment here!

  2. Muy buena maes felicidades lml
    Hay que hacer un chivito juntos pronto.

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