Jul 232019


In introducing the music of Imperialist‘s new album Cipher last fall, Transcending Obscurity Records made reference to the traditions of such bands as Necrophobic, Dissection, and Sacramentum, with nods to the thrashier dynamics of Aura Noir and Vektor as well. And while harnessing such dark, savage, and melodically memorable sounds as those names might suggest, Imperialist also created a futuristic, sci-fi-themed concept for Cipher, which is evoked by Adam Burke‘s cover painting.

We had the pleasure of premiering a song from the album in advance of its release on October 20th, and today we get to present a premiere of a different kind — an official playthrough video performed by Imperialist‘s dual guitarists Sergio Soto and Bryant Quinones. For this performance, they chose one of Cipher‘s most electric tracks, “Binary Coalescence“.



The choice is understandable, because “Binary Coalescence” is packed with riffs, and it’s a non-stop, pulse-pounding rush of energy. The sensations created by all those swirling and swarming riffs vary, but flow seamlessly together — from cold, wintry gales with a crestfallen atmosphere to bonfires of blazing defiance, from bursts of jolting barbarism to febrile flurries of darting mayhem. And this addictive thrill-ride of a song is capped by a scintillating solo at the end.

The video serves as a timely reminder of what a killer record this California black metal band created in Cipher. If you haven’t explored it thoroughly, you’ll find a full stream via the Bandcamp link below, where the album is available digitally and in CD and vinyl editions, together with Imperialist apparel.

Bandcamp: https://imperialistus.bandcamp.com
Europe Store – http://transcendingobscurity.aisamerch.de
US Store – http://transcendingobscurity.aisamerch.com




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