Aug 052019


In many of their outward trappings, Sadokist come across as a crude-and-rude, foul-and-filthy, hell-blazing band of blasphemous barbarians. And yeah, they really are all that. “Evil Sado Fuckin’ Speed Metal of Death!!!” is their mantra, and those aren’t empty words in their case. But one listen to the song we’re premiering today is convincing evidence that these Finnish devils are much more nuanced and diabolically dynamic songwriters than the most superficial trappings might suggest. Their songs are meant to electrify the senses, but a lot of the undeniably high voltage derives from how much they pack into each track.

The song we’re presenting today, “Driven By Disgust“, is one of nine tracks on Sadokist’s shit-hot second album, Necrodual Dimension Funeral Storms, which follows 2014’s Thy Saviour’s Halo, Held by Horns. It’s set for release by Hells Headbangers on August 30, on CD, LP, and tape.



“Driven By Disgust” is a bit more than 5 minutes long — greater than the song lengths favored by a lot of angel-raping speed metal cults — and the reason for the length (and the justification for it) becomes apparent, because the music is in constant flux. It’s unmistakably a nasty piece of work — the vocalist’s goblin snarls are convincingly vicious, and the boiling riffs in the song channel blood-lusting cruelty and blood-chilling lunacy. Likewise, the pummeling bass and hammering drums add to the music’s ferocity. Yet when the rampaging pace relents, the music takes on an eerie and foreboding atmosphere — before an explosion of pure chaos, even more unhinged than before. That amalgam of shrill, shrieking guitar, high-speed percussive clobbering, and spirals of esoteric melody is itself a multi-faceted experience, notwithstanding its berserker qualities.

When that orgy of sound abates again, and the pace slows even more than before, the music becomes cloaked in morbid gloom. But Sadokist still have more devilish tricks up their sleeve, including a riff that’s tailor-made made for headbanging, one last manifestation of bestial chaos, and an anthemic finale that’s pure heavy metal gold.



Pre-orders for Necrodual Dimension Funeral Storms are being accepted now, and we’re also including the stream of a previously released track (“Beater of Children of God“) along with our own premiere.






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