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The particular brand of horror that inspires the Italian death metal band Fulci is disclosed in their name, chosen in honor of legendary Italian director Lucio Fulci, “The Godfather of Gore”, whose filmography includes “City of the Living Dead”, “The House by the Cemetery”, “The Beyond”, “The New York Ripper”, “Zombi 2”, and more. They also honor the director’s trademark graphic violence in their music, which is obliterating and eviscerating.

In 1979, Lucio Fulci achieved his international breakthrough with “Zombi 2“, a violent 1979 zombie film that was marketed as a sequel to George Romero‘s “Dawn of the Dead”, which was known internationally as “Zombi”. Fulci‘s film tells the story of a Caribbean island cursed by voodoo, whose dead residents rise as zombies to attack the living. It’s that film, “Zombi 2”, which became the basis for the latest record by Fulci (the band), a concept album called Tropical Sun that was released this past May by Time To Kill Records.

What we’re bringing you today is an official video for a track from Tropical Sun called “Legion of the Resurrected“. The video has a distinctively ’90s look, and is based on a representation of a corpse-raising voodoo ritual.



The sounds of a voodoo ritual begin the song itself, which then erupts in a frenzy of savage, distorted riffing and skull-splitting snare strikes. Vocalist Fiore brings his deep, horrid roar into the mayhem, while his bandmates Dome and Klem eject bursts of braying melody and pile-driving, neck-wrecking groove. Bringing the gruesome ritual to life, the song further includes a slow, winding melody that in its atmosphere is both occult and redolent of misery and morbidity.

Fulci tell us this about the video we’re premiering today:

“During the last Tropical Sun US tour we had the opportunity to shoot a video clip for the song ‘Legion of the Resurrected’. The video was shot and directed in Los Angeles by Tanner McCardle: we asked him to try and depict the tribal superstitions narrated in the movie ‘Zombi 2’. Working with Tanner was very inspiring and we really liked his idea of representing the voodoo ritual that brings a decomposing corpse back to life. We are very happy with the deliberately DIY gore effects and the lo-fi images that were shot with a ’90s camera. It all reminds us of the cult movies by Andreas Schnaas”.


Time To Kill accurately captures Fulci’s butchering new album as “a malicious medley of controlled chaos that wakes the dead”, and recommends it for fans of Skinless, Dying Fetus, Mortician, Suffocation, Obituary and Devourment. It’s available for order and download now (and you can listen to the rest of the album via the Bandcamp link below). The vividly evocative cover art was created by Misanthropic-Art.





  1. Great stuff! Or should I say… Infectious? Ah ha!

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