Sep 242019


Just as Ossuaire do in this song we’re about to present, we’ll begin without preamble:

Without delay, Ossuaire flood the senses with hellfire as the guitars immediately sear and roil in such an all-enveloping storm of sound that it makes one gasp. A solitary bass note can be heard, followed by the advent of rolling drum thunder and a scorching howl. The riffing continues in cyclonic fashion, broiling the ears and boiling the brain, as that howling demon continues to imperiously and viciously proclaim his poisonous message. The timbre of the superheated chords rises and returns, the drums take short breaths and detonate like cannon fire, then resume their extravagant pummeling and tumbling. The riffing never really relents at all.

The experience is damned intense and savagely glorious, like being swept aloft in a hellish chariot by gale-strength winds into skies that are on fire, split by lightning and shattered by thunder. It tests how hard your heart can beat without exploding, yet it also has a hypnotic, spellbinding effect. And even though it just goes and goes, without any real detour or diversion, it’s such an electrifying experience that it seems to end too soon.



The name of the song is “Pestilence Rampante“, and it comes from a new album by these Québec black metallers. You might be surprised to learn that Ossuaire have a new album, since they released their debut full-length just six months ago. But these two albums form a conceptual work on the downfall of Christianity, which explains both their proximity to each other and their titles: Premiers Chants, and now Derniers Chants. Thankfully, the name of this new one signifies only the conclusion to this two-part work and not the last we will hear from Ossuaire, because based on what they’ve accomplished so far, they have a bright future (as bright as the fires of Hell).

The new album will be released by Sepulchral Productions (who also released the first one) on October 15th, and it’s available for pre-order now.






  1. Will buy when it’s released!

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