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There are two dimensions to the song we’re about to present, and for some they may join together to create a third. One is the spiritual/philosophical inspiration and lyrical exposition, which draw upon the teachings and practices among initiates of the Dragon Rouge. The other is the music itself. The third… well, we will come to the third in due course.

What we’re presenting, accompanied by a video that enhances the song’s own sorcerous allure, is the extravagant closing track from Death Clan OD, the new album by the Greek black metal band Serpent Noir, which will be released on February 7th by W.T.C. Productions.



The album’s lyrics were entirely written by accomplished occult author Thomas Karlsson, a Swedish Ph.D. and founder of the Dragon Rouge international occult order and esoteric academia, whose fascinating resume includes his role as former lyricist of the symphonic metal band Therion — and on the song we’re premiering he is also the vocalist, intoning the words in spine-tingling timbres that augment the magick in the music itself. Both he and Serpent Noir‘s central figure appear in the video, along with a mysterious woman, whose presence adds to the erotomysticism (an intentional reference to this band’s last album) of the sights and sounds.

The words and the imagery have special significance to the creation of this work. It seems evident that the music would not exist without the belief, which forms the inspiration. But I’ll be quick to say that one need not be an adept in these occult practices and aspirations to be bewitched by the music, because it is its own entrancing dimension of sound in which every headbanging metalhead may revel and find fierce joy.

As you read these words, you might think I’m exaggerating — but just listen. Listen to the ecstasy of the riffing and the unearthly glimmering of the leads. Listen to the majestic and menacing heavy metal chords and feel the neck-bending rhythms. Experience the vibrant pulse of darting arpeggios and the contrast of deep, sinister chants. There is menace and mystery in the music, as well as grandeur, gloom, and carnal delights. And you might become fascinated by the nuances of the dynamic bass-and-drum performances all by themselves.

Might the combination of the song’s lyrical and musical dimensions lead you to investigate a Left-Hand path forward into new insights and actions, to unchain the wolf within, or to sense the presence of the great Red Dragon awaiting ascendancy beyond the mundane realms? Perhaps it will, perhaps it won’t, but Serpent Noir‘s combination of black metal and traditional heavy metal should add a spark to your life either way.



Death Clan OD was recorded at Dragon Rouge UR Stoa Temple in Stockholm, Sweden, with sound engineering by Johannes Kvarnbrink. The album’s artwork and layout were created by LGN. Below you’ll find pre-order info and the new song, as well as the previously released track “Astaroth: The Jaws Of Gha’Agsheblah“.





  1. Reminds of Acherontas, a bit. These Greeks also are fond of the spoken word (vocals). Not bad, these tracks!

  2. I googled their mystical order. What a shock, you pay 50 euros and you have to send them a copy of your passport to join. And then you can buy diplomas on their webshop to progress along the 11 degress of dragonism or whatever. Music is good though. Probably are worse cults to join.

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