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We are told that the name Gloosh is a transliteration of the Russian word “Глушь”, which means “Wilderness”. It was chosen by the band’s sole creator George “Foltath” Gabrielyan (Eoront, Frozenwoods) as a connection to the inspiration for the music, which expresses a reverence for nature and its phenomena. He tells us:

“The music of Gloosh is black metal of a classical form with interweaving of atmospheric roots. This is closer to the natural themes: it is nature in true guise, it is the order of things (change of seasons), it is a primeval admiration for the winds, clouds and thunderstorms; the absorption and destruction by nature of everything that man has ever created. This is a deep mossy forest. Gloosh invests in music ideas of animism and attitude to nature contrary to monotheism. There is a belief that there are innumerable non-anthropomorphic deities and creatures everywhere.”

Timewheel is the debut full-length of this Siberian band. It will be independently released on February 29th. One song from the album was revealed at the end of last year, and today we present a second one, the name of which is “Groza“.



Groza” strikes like a fierce gale, like a blizzard of thunder and ice. Hurtling drums and racing riffs with a high, scalding tone assault the senses, matched by the scorching effect of untamed vocals. The ferocious energy of the music is unrelenting at first, but even then the emotional quality of the melodies change, seeming to express both delirium and despair. When the drumming becomes more subdued and the bass lines rise in prominence, the music grows more grief-stricken and anguished, but no less intense in its feeling.

The fieriness of the skirling guitars will not be quenched, even in the less speed-driven passages, but the long instrumental movement that begins near at the center of the song and carries it to the end exerts an increasingly entrancing allure as it goes.

That previously released track,  “Vjkhr“, is perhaps even more incendiary — and more glorious. It has its own chilling aspects, but the wild, flickering leads seem to revel in the spectacle of undefeated nature, and the song swirls and dances. The music gets the blood racing like a spring snow-melt flood, yet also has a dreamlike and entrancing quality.

Both songs are gripping and memorable, and both of them together create high expectations for everything else that’s coming our way on this first Gloosh album.


Timewheel was recorded and mixed at its creator’s home in Krasnoyarsk in the fall-winter of 2019, “during the period of leaf fall, rains, first snows and frosts”. It features illustrations by Taya Rostovtseva — and it’s available for pre-order now:





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