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Marblebog was born as a solo project from the mind of Hungarian musician Gábor Varga in 1998. It began with a focus on black metal and ambient music composed under the inspirations of nature, and the results were three full-length albums and a significant number of splits leading up to 2010, when Marblebog was laid to rest. Ten years passed after the last Marblebog release, a recording of the band’s only live show, on June 5th 2009 at Matchitehew Assembly in Chicago, but now Varga has resurrected the project and created a new album named Kietlen.

This new album was first released by Dread Records on December 21, 2019, in a very limited run of cassette tapes, but on February 15th it will be given a more extensive release, on CD and digitally, by Cyclopean Eye Productions. Today we present the album’s fifth track, “The Obscured Mirror Of Infinity“.



The song begins in a stalking, stomping cadence, and ringing chords and shimmering keys create a haunting resonance that shrouds the music in mystery and menace. But even more menacing are Varga’s bestial, strangled snarls and croaks. The ghostly sheen of the music, which soars and sweeps, and the eerie, chiming and darting guitar notes that float through it create an atmosphere of eerie bleakness, of gothic gloom and spirits rising from the earth in moonlit cloaks of mist. The song casts a dark and uneasy spell, even as the occasionally off-kilter drum rhythm succeeds in getting your head moving. At the end, the mood of the melody seems to become brighter, as if glimpsing a vision beyond the shadows and the lunar gleam.


The front cover photo for Kietlen was taken in the Pilis mountains on Friday the 13th, September 2019, under the full moon.

For more info about this new album and how to acquire it, check the links below.





  1. Very cool, I’m digging the shifting rhythms and eerie atmosphere.

  2. What I find interesting here is how the label, Cyclopean Eye, is in Bangalore! How would such a collaboration come about? Something good abt globalization, finally )

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