Feb 102020


(In this post TheMadIsraeli provides recommendations and brief reviews for two EPs, one by the Connecticut band FROGG released in January of this year, and one by North Carolina’s Ergodic coming out in March.)

Sometimes nothing hits you like a simple, effectively written, and short EP. It’s even more impressive when the band reveal themselves to be onto something at another level, or at least a clearly high-quality band who understand their own influences and where they want to take those influences.  FROGG is such a band, combining a good deal of modern and progressive influences to release a debut EP (A Reptilian Dystopia) that represents, at the very least, a promising new face in the technical death metal space.

I can immediately tell you what I hear in this band with four comparisons: Extol, Fallujah, Rivers Of Nihil, and Black Crown Initiate.  If you are a big fan of that spacey sort of proggy/jazzy style of progressive technical death metal with a bit of core flare that’s caught on in the last few years, this band will definitely be up your alley.

The music is impressively performed and written.  Crazy technical menageries of Adderall-fueled obsession meshed with emotive melody just spilling out everywhere.  It’s a great time, and definitely worth checking out.  Definitely a band to be watching in the future.











Second subject of this article, Ergodic, is a bit harder to pin down and they’re miles away from FROGG in terms of references of influence.  Ergodic is like a fusing of the frantic technical nonsense mixed with neoclassical tendencies of bands like Archspire, Cryptopsy, Spawn Of Possession, etc., but with a very straight-forward delivery that just feels like it’s all about drowning you in as much excessive guitar work as possible with a pretty sick vocalist ripping his throat to it.

I particularly like the their debut self-titled EP’s second track, “Veil Of Dementia”. While a sick song, it reminds me of Anata and makes me miss them quite a bit.

This is also a top-notch newcomer in the death metal space.  Ergodic’s debut EP comes out March 9th.




1. Exalted Ignorance(s)
2. Veil of Dementia
3. Lashed to Control




  1. Definitely two bands to follow.

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