Feb 212020


One month ago we came across the debut release of a one-person project from London named Cult Burial. It was a single song named “Consumed“, and its amalgamation of black, death, and doom metal did indeed prove to be an all-consuming experience that enveloped listeners in the bleak and desperate sensations channeled by the music’s creator. Given the striking impression made by that first release, we jumped at the chance to present Cult Burial’s second single today, a track called “Sorrow“.

The lyrics of the new song are no more hopeful than those in “Consumed”, and the music is no less intense. Harrowing roars and mind-scraping shrieks reverberate above moody bass moans, head-hooking drum patterns, feverish riffing, and wailing ethereal tones which add a disturbing aura of eeriness to the music’s sense of inner tension and angst.



As the song progresses, the bass becomes more urgent and the drumming more frenzied in its bursts of clattering sound, until a rapidly chugging rhythm causes the intensity to surge. A sense of deep melancholy flows through the melody as the pacing reverts to a more measured cadence, though the vocals continue to be a raw expression of fury and pain.

The song persistently transitions, becoming more and less harrowing, with the gravel-chewing bass pulse and potent drumwork remaining a physically compulsive ingredient and the layered guitars creating entrancing diversions but also pushing the song’s emotional intensity to the breaking point.

Sorrow” is further proof that Cult Burial is a band to watch closely. Perhaps needless to say, if you haven’t already checked out “Consumed“, you should do that without delay. Both tracks are now available at Bandcamp for modest prices.





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