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The ringing tons of an archaic instrument announce the song we’re premiering today through a video, and an ancient, mythic atmosphere continues to cloak this musical tale of warfare and death as it unfolds and moves through changing moods. The song, “Barbarian Misanthropy“, comes from the new album by Gravespawn, which will be released on March 21st by Satanath Records.

That album, The Elder Darkness, is is the third full-length to be released by this southern California black metal band in a career that’s now roughly 16 years old. Once again, it is the work of a single individual, Reaver, though here he’s aided by session drummer Baalgrath and bassist/backing-vocalist Advorsus.



As the video portrays the travails of a mortally wounded warrior trudging through blood-spattered snow (interspersed with scenes of Reaver riffing and raging), “Barbarian Misanthropy” channels racing carnage, all galloping drums, fiery tremolo’d chords, and scorching vocal vehemence. Across the top of these tempestuous sounds, shining keyboards soar, giving the music that aura of mythic grandeur.

The emotional resonance of the song changes during the times when the fire-breathing fury abates, with the trilling melodies becoming bleak and beleaguered, as well as grim, cruel, grief-stricken, and defiant. Yet there is a feeling of madness in all of these changing sensations, with the exception of a brief mystical interlude when the keyboards become dominant, as if manifesting the warrior gathering himself for one final march. The music surges to a dramatic, sweeping crescendo of ravaging yet majestic intensity that really gets the heart pounding.


Satanath Records will release The Elder Darkness in a jewel-case CD edition of 500 copies, with an 8-page booklet, as well as digitally. Pre-orders are open now, and below you’ll also have a chance to check out the stream of a previously released track called “Kingdom of Cruelty” (a free download at Bandcamp), as well as today’s first look at the video for “Barbarian Misanthropy“.



01. The Primordial Dynasty
02. Hexenturm
03. Sons Of Mars
04. Curse Of The Ruins
05. Cocytus Winds Ascend
06. The Dreadful Eye
07. Kingdom Of Cruelty
08. Barbarian Misanthropy
09. Die By The Sword (Slayer cover)
Length – 52:03


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