Mar 012020


The ringing tons of an archaic instrument announce the song we’re premiering today through a video, and an ancient, mythic atmosphere continues to cloak this musical tale of warfare and death as it unfolds and moves through changing moods. The song, “Barbarian Misanthropy“, comes from the new album by Gravespawn, which will be released on March 21st by Satanath Records.

That album, The Elder Darkness, is is the third full-length to be released by this southern California black metal band in a career that’s now roughly 16 years old. Once again, it is the work of a single individual, Reaver, though here he’s aided by session drummer Baalgrath and bassist/backing-vocalist Advorsus. Continue reading »

Nov 072016



( Norwegian blogger Gorger is back, highlighting still more releases that we have overlooked.  To find more of his discoveries, type “Gorger” in our search bar or visit Gorger’s Metal.)

Three months have flown by since my last installment. Sorry to keep you waiting. Not that you’ve been waiting, but you know you’ve been missing out on something in the meanwhile. I’ve grown a long list of candidates, but I’d rather not overheat your brain, so we’ll be focusing on a quadruple set as usual, with a further installment coming very soon. Continue reading »

Oct 302016



As usual, I had trouble picking which songs to include in this Sunday’s edition of Shades of Black — just too damned much new music in a blackened vein that I wanted to recommend. But in the end, this collection felt right to me. It includes considerable variety as well as a mix of well-known names and obscure unknowns (who will perhaps become somewhat better known after today).

I’ve presented the music in alphabetical order by band name, except I bumped Antaeus up by one place to begin this playlist, because… duh… it’s fucking Antaeus.


Ten years after their last studio album Blood Libels, the French black metal band Antaeus have a new album set for release on November 18. Entitled Condemnation, it was recorded by guitarist Set and vocalist MkM as the two sole members of the band, with session drums by Menthor (Enthroned, Lucifyre, Nightbringer), who coincidentally was the drummer on the excellent debut album of the Dutch band Soulemission that we premiered just a few days ago. Continue reading »