Mar 162020


The creative fires of the French band Helioss continue to burn as bright as their namesake. Three years after their third album Antumbra, they now return with a new full-length, Devenir Le Soleil, set for release on April 23rd by their new labels Satanth Records and Mourning Light Records. Once again, Helioss mastermind Nicolas Muller is at the helm, joined again by vocalist D.M., but this time also aided by an extravagant array of guest performers, as well as by a live drummer — the very talented Mikko Koskinen (Nullentropy, The Lifted Veil, Proscription).

Musically, Helioss continue to embroider their strongly evocative music with classical orchestration, black metal, death metal, and progressive instrumental flourishes, and today, accompanied by a lyric video, we present a richly textured and kaleidoscopic track that displays all these ingredients in changing shades of darkness and blazing brilliance. Its name is “La Lèpre Des Hommes“.



The song turns into quite an extravagant and thrilling trip, but it begins with mystic crystalline guitars joined by the deep gritty tones of throat singing, creating an atmosphere both ethereal and ominous. But then the guitars begin to feverishly skitter and dart, accompanied by cavernous growls and methodical percussive body blows. As the chorus arrives, the riffing and the symphonic keyboards swirl and soar, and the voice rockets into screams.

As the song continues to progress, the guitars jab and the drumming hammers, and a beautifully fluid and soulful guitar solo adds to the music’s feeling of glorious brightness. But that turns out to be the prelude to an even more ravishing experience — an accelerated crescendo of pulsing bass, acrobatic drumming, and scintillating fretwork. The song maintains its fiery propulsiveness, with both the voices and all instruments layered to create a bewitching whirl of frenetic, pulse-driving sound — with a brief interlude that recalls the song’s haunted opening.


We mentioned that Devenir Le Soleil includes the participation of a significant number of guests, in addition to drummer Mikko Koskinen, and they are as follows:

Elisabeth Muller – violin
Count D (Seide) – vocals
Frederic Gervais (Orakle, Cor Serpenti) – vocals
Aline Boussaroque (Përl) – vocals
Romaric Lamare (Malkavian, Damage Done) – vocals
Sam Pillay (Point Mort) – vocals
Aurelien Fouet-Barak (Assent, Human Vacuum) – percussion
Raphael Verguin (Psygnosis, Spectrale, Rïcïnn) – cello
Simon C. (Athĕrĭa Conscĭentĭa, Nullentropy) – alto saxophon
Julien Simon (writer & editor, – lyrics on “Devenir le Soleil”

The album was mixed and mastered by Frederic Gervais at Studio Henosis. The releasing labels recommend it for fans of FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, SEPTICFLESH, DIMMU BORGIR, ANOREXIA NERVOSA, THE PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX, CARACH ANGREN, MIRRORTHRONE, EX DEO and KALISIA. The artwork is by Nicolas Muller.

We have also inclued a stream of the first-release track from the album, “…Et Dieu Se Tut“.



01. …Et Dieu Se Tut
02. A Wall Of Certainty
03. The End Of The Empire
04. Let The World Forget Me
05. Singularity
06. An Endless Stream
07. La Lèpre Des Hommes
08. Devenir Le Soleil
09. Now… Shine!
Length – 66:07



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