Apr 132022


Today marks the third opportunity we have seized upon since 2017 to help spread the word about the music of Helioss through a music premiere. Today the subject of the premiere is a song called “L’insondable crépuscule des morts” from this French band’s forthcoming fifth album Contre ma lumière, which is set for release by Satanath Records on April 21st.

Once again, Helioss mastermind and multi-instrumentalist Nicolas Muller directed the enterprise, again joined by vocalist D.M. (Celestial Swarm, Gravefields, etc.) and guest drummer Mikko Koskinen (The Lifted Veil, Proscription). And once again Helioss has pushed its expanding musical boundaries of progressive black/death metal outward into even more inventive and genre-bending territory. This newest song premiere from the album, which comes with a lyric video, provides an extravagant demonstration of that. Continue reading »

Mar 162020


The creative fires of the French band Helioss continue to burn as bright as their namesake. Three years after their third album Antumbra, they now return with a new full-length, Devenir Le Soleil, set for release on April 23rd by their new labels Satanth Records and Mourning Light Records. Once again, Helioss mastermind Nicolas Muller is at the helm, joined again by vocalist D.M., but this time also aided by an extravagant array of guest performers, as well as by a live drummer — the very talented Mikko Koskinen (Nullentropy, The Lifted Veil, Proscription).

Musically, Helioss continue to embroider their strongly evocative music with classical orchestration, black metal, death metal, and progressive instrumental flourishes, and today, accompanied by a lyric video, we present a richly textured and kaleidoscopic track that displays all these ingredients in changing shades of darkness and blazing brilliance. Its name is “La Lèpre Des Hommes“. Continue reading »

Mar 142017


On March 24, Apathia Records will release Antumbra, the third album of the French duo Helioss. Apathia recommends the album for fans of Dimmu Borgir, Mirrorthrone, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Carach Angren, and Anorexia Nervosa. If you have trouble wrapping your mind around that collection of references as a clue to the music, we have a more tangible clue, a premiere stream of an album track named “Dernière Nuit“.

This new song, like the music on Antumbra as a whole, blends together elements from different metal (and non-metal) traditions, and does it in a way that produces music that’s both hard-hitting and ethereal, ferocious and panoramic. Continue reading »