May 232020


We’re now continuing on with the mega-collection of new songs and videos we began here yesterday, resuming our march through the alphabet beginning with the letter S.

SEROCS (International)

To begin, we’ll throw your brain into a blender set to puree. “Building A Shrine Upon Vanishing Sands” is a brutalizing, electrifying, high-speed carnival ride. The percussive power of the song is punishing, and the vocals (also discharged at high speed) are rabid, while the darting and swirling fretwork is wild and exultant. The guitar soloing is nothing short of spectacular, and propels a song that was already an ecstatic thrill-ride way up into the stratosphere. If the track doesn’t leave you with an ear-to-ear grin, the virus may have mutated and given you facial paralysis.

The song comes from the EP Vore, set for release on June 26th by Everlasting Spew Records. As you can see, the cover art is stunning, and appears to be a detail from a larger piece, but no artist is identified.








Stigmatized pack 11 tracks into just short of 15 minutes, and although the song lengths are brief, the band make the most of them, discharging an obliterating mix of death-grind and powerviolence. As the vocalists roar and scream in your face, the instrumentalists engage in explosive bouts of pummeling percussion, massive-sounding riffs, gut-gouging bass, and screaming feedback. They mix up the tempos between rocket-fast mauling and slow, crushing stomps that you can feel in your bone marrow, but even in the episodes of high-speed, nuclear-strength mayhem they insert grooves that jolt the listener’s cranium with savage force. A hellish and terrifically destructive experience that’s nevertheless a huge thrill.

The name of this EP is …a Wall of Falseness. It will be released by a horde of different record labels on May 29th.









Crunchy, raw, and rotten Swedish-style death metal and grindcore from Chile, with hideous (in a good way) vocals, a toxic guitar tone, and a berserker spirit. Really looking forward to hearing more of this menacing mayhem….

The song is “God Forsaken“, and it’s on Soulrot’s forthcoming second album Victims of Spiritual Warfare, whose CD version is due out on July 27 through Memento Mori.








Soul-crushing bestial necromancy from these Australian death-dealers. There’s still a murky and mauling tone to the riffs, yet they’re sharp enough to stand out (and cut like polished circle saws). With ghastly vocals that reverberate within the walls of the slaughter-crypt in which the band do their deadly work, and groaning melodies that rise up in displays of terrifying eminence, the music is as chilling and preternatural as it is heartlessly brutal and vicious.

From Temple Nightside‘s fourth album, Pillars of Damnation. Iron Bonehead Productions will drop it on August 7th.







ULCERATE (New Zealand)

This is a new video for “Dissolved Orders“, a track off Stare Into Death And Be Still, the band’s sixth full-length, which is out now on Debemur Morti Productions. In his review, my comrade Andy Synn called the album “a true classic in the making and a(nother) watershed moment in the band’s career.”

The video (directed by Dehn Sora) is freakish, frightening, and fascinating– a riveting accompaniment for an equally riveting and unnerving song. A brilliant union of sight and sound.

North America:







From that last enthralling and nightmarish experience, we’ll shift gears into one that’s multi-faceted and adventurous in a different way. “Entangled in a World Below” is another fine example of this Italian band’s progressive approach to death metal, packing the music with a multitude of intricate twists and turns and creating a head-spinning as well as ferocious trip. The guitar soloing is spectacularly unhinged, but the song as a whole seems like an exploration of madness.

Entangled in a World Below” comes from Valgrind’s fourth album, Condemnation. It will be released by Memento Mori on July 27th.








We’ve made it to Z in our alphabet journey, and thus to the end of this gigantic two-part round-up.

Yesterday the Russian “Skomorokh Lubokcore” band Zmey Gorynich released a new single dedicated to the “Russian Spirit”. Its name is “Э-ге-гѣй! (Oho-ho!)“. It will appear on the band’s sophomore album, Чёртовы Пляски (Devilish Dances), which is coming out on June 4th (Vasilisk Day).

When I reviewed (and premiered a stream of) the band’s debut album in 2016, I included these words: “The album we’re about to premiere is perhaps the most unclassifiable record I’ve heard this year. It’s a wild, boisterous, constantly shifting collage of sounds and styles that, when described in mere words, sounds like it shouldn’t work at all — but trust me, this is as much fun as dancing with a drunk Russian bear (and only somewhat less likely to put you in the trauma ward)”.

That description applies almost equally to this high-spirited new single. The vocals range from operatic female singing to brutish growls, savage screams, heroic male singing, drunken yelling, and more, while the racing music includes pulse-pounding drum rhythms matched in their adrenaline-triggering effect by rapidly jabbing bass, swirling riffage, and darting symphonic strings. The music has a palpable theatrical quality, but proves to be quickly addictive.

And with this we’ll bid you adieu until tomorrow. Be well and stay safe.





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