May 282020


Fans of brutal and technical death metal should need no introduction to Germany’s Defeated Sanity. Still helmed by co-founder Lille Gruber (drummer and current guitarist), the band have been releasing savage and scintillating music since the mid-’90s, with five albums to their credit, the most recent of which — The Sanguinary Impetus — will be discharged by Willowtip Records on July 24th.

One track from the new album, “Propelled Into Sacrilege“, has previously been released, and today it’s our privilege to present a second one through an official music video in which the band perform the song. Its name is “Imposed Corporeal Inhabitation“.



It may be true, as the song’s title suggests, that we are all doomed to confinement in our undependable bodies, but both listening to this song and watching the band perform it is the kind of ecstatic experience that seems to levitate us out of corporeal prison and spirit us away into some different (and more electrified) plane of existence.

It is instrumentally pyrotechnic and ingeniously inventive, which will come as no surprise to fans of this band. There’s so much fleet-fingered, fret-leaping extravagance on display, and so much interesting interplay among the string-slingers and Gruber’s atypical drum rhythms that to hear and see it is exhilarating — and kind of mystifying. Just as impressive as all the dexterity and ingenuity is the fashioning of all the rapidly moving parts into something that holds together, and actually makes sense (in the way a maze comes to make sense), rather than something that moves like scattershot shrapnel from a just-exploded shell.

To be sure, the song IS explosive. And it definitely IS brutal, thanks in part to the ravenous growls and the episodes of pile-driving and obliterating punishment scattered among the head-spinning fireworks displays.

So, take some deep breaths and blink your eyes vigorously, because this song and video will pop your eyes open and might leave you gasping (as well as smiling broadly) — and enjoy!


The album is available for pre-order now. The video was directed by Obscenery Films, with additional filming by M. Heller and M. Martin.

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  1. Holy shit, that was cool.

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