Jun 102020


The Edmonton-based death metal band Tales of the Tomb made a hell of an impression with the release last fall of their second EP, Volume Two: Mendacium. Taking their cues from the likes of Macabre, At the Gates, Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, and Blood Red Throne, they assembled a sextet of murderous tracks organized around themes of government cover-ups, national lies, and heinous crimes committed within the shadows. We seized the chance to premiere a slice of that marauding butchery, and now we’re seizing the chance to do it again.

When the EP was recorded, Tales of the Tomb was the work of guitarists/vocalists Trez Thomas and Corey Skerlak, but today we’re announcing that Tales of the Tomb has been joined by bassist Jonii Guns (pictured above) — and we’re premiering a video of his playthrough for a song off the EP named “Sinful Messiah“.


(L-R): Trez Thomas (Guitar and Vocals), Corey Skerlak (Guitar and Vocals) – Photo by Kylee Thompson Photography


Before we get to the video, let’s hear from Jonii himself about this new adventure:

“I’m excited to start working with the boys in Tales and moving into the next stage of my music career! I’m originally from the UK and moved to Canada nearly 3 years back. Previously I worked mostly with heavy metal, hardcore, and metalcore bands doing some touring and session work and have been playing since I was around 14. Some of the bands I have toured and played bass for are The Hero Dies First, a metalcore band from the east of England, Faces of Eve, a tech metal band from England, and years and years ago I helped out a little with L.A. Guns from… well LA! It was an awesome time playing with these bands and I have to say I wouldn’t be the musician I am without all the experiences I had with them!

“I was first introduced to Tales of the Tomb from their guitar player Trez Thomas who was showing me his other project Infinitee at the time. Being new to the Edmonton scene I was looking for a new project to start getting involved with. Sadly, we never ended up getting together for that project but shortly after that, I was approached by Tales vocalist/guitar player Corey Skerlak who was saying that they were trying to find a new bass player for the band.

“At first, I was unsure about the music having never played this kind of metal in the past but after being sent the tabs and playing with the music I really enjoyed the music and the challenge of playing something new. I’m pretty into alien conspiracy stuff so I was super stoked when I heard all the different content with a darker theme! It makes it far more interesting! I’m really excited to be working with the lads on new material and incorporating my sound into the new EP and content we have planned. Peace!!”



From watching the video you wouldn’t know that this kind of musical extremity is a new experience for Jonny, and it’s fun too watch his fluid yet vibrant performance. And beyond that, it’s a killer song — a tremendously savage thrill-ride through ghastly and gruesome soundscapes.

The song delivers hammering drumwork, wild, vicious riffing, squirming, shrieking arpeggios, and grisly moaning and swirling reverberations. The monstrous roaring gutturals and spine-tingling shrieks add to the song’s air of barbaric savagery, and the band also pack a lot of other sensations into its run-time, including thunderous percussive outbursts, skull-busting grooves, insectile guitar frenzies, and spurts of freakish soloing.

If you haven’t yet checked out Volume Two: Mendacium, this is a good reminder to get with it (we’ve included a full stream right after the video). It’s going to be hellish fun to see what this newly augmented line-up cook up next.







  1. This sounds badass. Awesome artwork, too.

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