Jul 132020


Two years on from their Inferno Deathpassion debut album, New Jersey’s Siege Column are back with a new full-length, appropriately named Darkside Legions. Stripped of pretense and with an obvious abhorrence of gimmickry, sanitized production, and just about any other sign of modern calculation, the album is vicious, visceral, and evil to the core. It’s like some ancient bestial monstrosity that’s been excavated from its rotten tomb and jump-started back to life with a phalanx of truck batteries. Its hellish energy is likely to have the same effect on your own pulse rate.

Darkside Legions is the name of the new album, and it has a release date of August 15th via Nuclear War Now! Productions. What we have for you today is the premiere of the album’s title track, which provides a very good representation of what the new album holds in store.



Like the album as a whole, the song sounds like it was recorded in Satan’s own garage — no frills, but plenty of sulphur. It greets the ears with relentless pounding and maniacally clattering percussion bursting from a swamp of frenzied, roiling chords and shrieking leads. It has a gnarly “proto metal” sound, as if unearthed from some crypt that pre-dates the division of extreme metal into genre components, some kind of horrid but electrifying precursor to death, black, and thrash metal.

The barbaric onslaught is punctuated by even more ruthless skull-pounding drum blows, groaning chords, hoarse, gruesome roars, and ghastly howls. As the pace slows and the drums cavort and dance (popping the neck as they go), the guitar wails like a black magic incantation, flares in terrible grandeur, and becomes a manifestation of boiling madness.


The player below includes not only the album title track that we’re premiering today but also the previously released track “Funeral Fiends“. Spooky at first, it begins to pound and bound in a devilish frolic, and then to rip and ravage, scampering with a punk cadence while the guitars whine and whirl, boil and burn. The vocalist’s reverberating bellows and exclamations are ghastly, and the quivering leads give the music an atmosphere of gangrenous disease. At the end, everything goes nuts.

So get ready to indulge your brutish inner beast and check out both songs. Keep an eye on the locations linked below for pre-order opportunities.





  1. Funeral Fiend is very cool.

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