Aug 062020


The British pagan doom band Elderseer are a relatively new presence, having come together in 2017 and with only a single record to their name so far — an EP entitled Bind Us As One that was released at the end of 2018. But that first EP was more of a giant assured step than a halting, timid feeling of a way forward. It drew considerable praise in the metal press, and in its varying stylistic dimensions it spawned references to the likes of My Silent Wake, Primordial, My Dying Bride, and Amorphis.

The title track was the one that closed the EP. At more than 10 minutes in length, it was the most substantial (and perhaps the most powerful) of the EP’s four songs. Not surprisingly, it’s the song that Elderseer chose as the subject of the video we’re privileged to bring you today — a lyric video that also includes footage of the band performing the song and of the imposing ancient landscapes that form a part of the band’s inspirations.



Bind Us As One” is a magnificent and moving song, both poignant and capable of carrying the listener away to other times and far-away places. As the press materials that will accompany this premiere state, “It is an anguished plea, a cry from the bleeding heart of the land, a glimpse of the ancient powers that reside there”, and embodies “the soul of Elderseer – captives of modern society yet yearning for the hillsides and forests”.

The track is a slow burn. In its opening movement the music is sad and soulful, wistful and beleaguered. There is a feeling of troubled introspection in the melodies, but also a sense of sweeping power. Heavy undercurrents course through the music, magnifying its feeling of a vast scale unfolding, while the bass-and-drum performances keep your head moving, and glinting arpeggios draw in sensations of old mystery and wonder. The harsh vocals, which straddle a line between a growl and a vicious snarl, are wrenching in their impact.

With a guitar bridge that sounds like a clarion call, culminating in momentous rhythmic hammer blows, the song’s intensity climbs to an even higher level, propelled by a riveting tremolo’d lead, depth-charge bass pulsations, neck-cracking percussion, long wailing chords, and a compelling guitar solo. It’s a truly majestic finale that might put your heart in your throat (as it did mine).



Credits for the video to to John Cartwright (editing and production), Michal ‘Mick666’ Lipinski (live filming), and Amadeus Erecshyrinol (live filming). Elderseer are:

Barry Copestake – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Ewan Parry – Lead Guitar
Richard Hartley – Drums; Percussion
Freddie French – Bass

We’re happy to report that Elderseer are currently working on a new full-length album, with plans for a winter 2020/21 release. We hope you enjoy this new video, and we’ve also included a stream of the full EP so you can further explore the talents of Elderseer.






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