Aug 172020


As previously announced in this post, three of our writers (Islander, Andy Synn, and DGR) will be appearing as guest DJs at GIMME METAL in a two-hour show just a few hours from now. This is scheduled to happen today (Monday, August 17th) at 12 p.m. Pacific Time, 3 p.m. Eastern Time, UTC-08:00 (for everyone who counts that way).

The show has been pre-recorded and includes a playlist of metal, with three segments curated by each of the three of us on the show, including our own attempts to speak without sounding like total idiots (but no promises). However, all three of us will also be participating in a live chat as the show goes on, which you too can participate in by registering (for free) at the GIMME METAL site.

You can register at the GIMME METAL Desktop site or download the Gimme iOS/Android app by going here:

And if you’re interested in listening but can’t do it today, we’ve been told that the show will air again on Friday 8/21 at 10pm PT and Thursday 8/27 at 6am PT. We’re further informed that the show will be archived and accessible on demand for people who have a Gimme subscription to The Vault. Hopefully the Vault is impregnable to nuclear attack, zombie apocalypse, and all other manner of devastation, so that our musical selections and voices will live on forever.

Hope to interact with you in a few hours. For a few more details, check out our previous post. And now, you can enjoy Andy Synn‘s promotional video for our GIMME METAL appearance:


  7 Responses to “NCS ON GIMME METAL (A REMINDER)”

  1. I feel like Andy is two steps away from trying to sell me an air fryer with this video

  2. Great to ‘meet’ you, Andy. Will be listening!

  3. The show was great. Will you be adding a post that includes the playlist?

    • Thanks for the compliment and for asking about the playlist. Here it is:

      Leeched – I, Flatline
      The Infernal Sea – Negotium Crucis
      Damim – In A Language They Understand
      Beyond Grace – Barmecide Feast
      Slugdge – The Spectral Burrows
      Rannoch – The Dream
      Dvne – Rite of the Seven Mournings

      Exocrine – Wall Of Water
      Aeternam – Ascension
      Man Must Die – Silent Authority
      Volturyon – World Pandemic
      Wormhole – Wave Quake Generator Plasma Artillery Cannon
      Symbolik – When Eternity Collapsed
      ..And Oceans – Cosmic World Mother
      Feastem – In Isolation We Die
      Vitriol – Legacy Of Contempt

      Question – First Fragmentation
      Ars Magna Umbrae – Oracle of Luminous Dark
      Dawn of a Dark Age – La Tavola Osca – Le Divinita Pt 1
      Laetitia In Holocaust – Dissolution in Black Pastures
      Ov Shadows – Under Dödens Vingar
      Afterbirth – Spiritually Transmitted Disease
      Arkhamin Kirjasto – The Cult of No Return

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