Sep 142020


If you missed out on the June 26 release by Everlasting Spew of Serocs‘ new EP Vore, you should fill that gaping hole in your life immediately! It really is an extraordinary record, one that we referred to as “a brutalizing, electrifying, high-speed carnival ride”, so head-spinning in its conception and so technically extravagant in its execution that (as we wrote before), if it doesn’t leave you with an ear-to-ear smile, the virus may have mutated and given you facial paralysis.

We’re so high on the EP that we welcomed the chance to share with you a playlist created by two Serocs stalwarts, guitarist Antonio Freyre (who first started the band as a solo project) and guitarist/bassist Antoine Daigneault. Together they assembled 22 tracks in a Spotify list, focusing ion music that has inspired them, and that list is a hell of a great ride all its own. Here’s what the two men had to say about it:


I decided with this list to mention strictly bands that inspired my bass playing in Serocs and how I approach the instrument. It ranges from the completely schizophrenic basslines of Rainer Landfermann in Pavor to the Digiorgio-esque bass rumbling of Violent Dirge or the old school bass breaks of early Gorguts and Pessimist. Not to mention the completely unique play-style of Damon Good in Stargazer or the in-your-face wall of sound that is Éric Langlois’ bass on None so Vile.

All these artists have influenced me in one way or another to forge me has a musician and they all had a big impact on the Serocs sound. I hope every bass player will find something interesting within this playlist because there is a lot to learn from these artists! (Also you probably noticed I added a Joey Taffola song in there. It’s because I completely stole a bass lick off this track for the song ”Deimos Part VI”. Hope you can recognize it!)


The first time I heard each of these bands, they all showed me that metal and music could be something more. Something different. I’ve selected the songs that I think most inspired Serocs in some way, but I love pretty much everything these bands have released.

I wear my inspirations on my sleeve and it’s pretty evident with Serocs. From the wanky riffs on ‘Building a Shrine…’ (Pat O’Brien style, like in Frantic Disembowelment), to the prog riff in the middle of Itami (Symphony X does so many of these), the clear Defeated Sanity inspiration on ‘When the Ground Swallows Us’ (0:47-0:57) or how ‘Being’ is a mix of Spawn of Possession with an Ulcerate chorus, I always try to pay homage to these bands.

I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do.


And we share in the wish that you will enjoy the list. We’ve installed the stream below, as well as the link where you can find it yourself. And don;t forget to listen to Vore!





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