Oct 222020


Montreal’s Synastry first came together in the early 2000s, at a time when MySpace dominated social networking and the metal scene was in many ways very different from what it is today. The band released their first EP, Pallets of My New World, in 2006 and followed that with a debut album named Blind Eyes Bleed in 2008. But in 2012 the band went dormant, and only this year have revived.

In making their comeback, Synastry have recorded a new EP named Civilization’s Coma, with plans to move forward with work on a new album. The EP is a three-track affair set for release on November 27th, and today we’re premiering, through a lyric video, a single from the EP entitled “Dead To Me“.


L-R – Kay Kessler – Drums, Gary Vee – Bass, Paul Iverson – Guitar, James Aniston – Vocals


This new song is a short, sharp kick to the head — and it does kick like a furious mule, albeit a massive and mechanized one. The music is fast and ferocious, loaded with pulse-rifle riffs and hammering drums, blaring chords and squirming arpeggios, booming bass and a mix of serrated-edge growls and incendiary screams. The music is heavy-grooved, with a bit of a start-stop quality that hints at industrial influences to go along with the death/thrashing momentum, and also effectively creates an atmosphere of menace and mayhem. It may bring memories of Lamb of God to mind as well as Fear Factory.

The new EP includes two more tracks, the title song “Civilization’s Coma” and “Narcomancy”, for a total running time of nearly 11 minutes. In preparing it, Synastry availed themselves of some well-known talent, working with JF Dagenais to track guitars, drums, and bass, and with Christian Donaldson to track the vocals. The mixing was all done by JF Dagenais and the mastering by Jef Fortin. The cover art was created by Mikio Murakami.

Dead To Me” will soon be available on Spotify as a single. For more info about the song and the release of the EP, check these links:




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