Dec 112020


“Imagine what would happen if you could buy bags of death metal, crust, grindcore, and powerviolence at your local market, throw big handfuls of all that stuff into a blender, liberally lubricate it with alien blood fresh from the refrigerators at Area 51, spice up the mix with amphetamines and lysergic acid, puree the shit out of it, and then chug it straight down without breathing. Sound good? Actually, you don’t have to tax your imaginations, you just have to listen to Parasligm Shift, the debut album by the deviant three-piece Phoenician band Xeno Ooze.”

And with those words, roughly one year ago, we introduced our premiere of a track from that insane album, Paradigm Shift. And now we get to do this again, because Xeno Ooze have a new EP named Slimewave that’s destined for detonation on December 18th via Bloody Scythe Records. What we get to do is throw your brain into the blender again, through our premiere of a lyric video for the song “Deus Ex Machinooze“.


If you happen to be encountering Xeno Ooze for the first time, god help you they’re a subversive three-piece death/grind outfit formed in Arizona by ex-members of Glitterbomb and Drogheda. With a sci-fi aesthetic and sometimes a devilish sense of humor, they seem to delight in contorting conventions and bamboozling listeners at the same time as they’re slaughtering them. The song you’re about to hear is a prime example.

The lyrics are furious, disgusted, nihilistic, and nightmarish. The music is also nightmarish, and bewildering. It’s a cavalcade of strange abrading and battering tonalities with an unpredictable, labyrinthine course. Running this gauntlet will subject you to blizzards of furious riffing and brutish atonal clanging; neck-snapping percussion and twisted arpeggios; burbling bass notes and feverish drumming outbursts; cascading ambience and flickering electronics; weird ambient glimmerings and wobbling low-frequency tones; blurting guitar pulsations and bizarre crashing sounds; enraged roars and demented screams.


Once you’ve recovered your senses — or rather if you recover your senses — you can pre-order this 10-track EP on cassette tape from Bloody Scythe Records on December 18th. The EP will be available digitally through Bandcamp and all major streaming services the same day.

The EP was mixed and mastered by Prey For Death Productions, and the striking artwork was created by Arifullah Ali. The head-twisting video was created by FRG.DOG.





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