Jan 142021


Even if you’;re not suffering from covid you might want to have some supplemental oxygen on hand before you dive into this track we’re about to premiere, because it’s a breath-taker. And a spine-smasher. And a brain-scrambler.

The song is “Attuned to the Chasm“, and it’s the second single from Amidst Voices That Echo In Stone, which is the second album by the northern California technical death metal band Ominous Ruin. The record is set for release on February 26th by Willowtip Records.



We were slightly kidding about getting supplemental oxygen before listening to “Attuned to the Chasm“, but only slightly. Mayhem reigns from the get-go, all pistons firing, all turbochargers wide open. Backed by jet-fast drumming that spits bullets and shifts patterns with near-superhuman speed and dexterity, the string-slingers in the band put on a riotous display of frenzied fretwork, creating a musical nova of darting, swirling, and blaring sound. The band segment that crazed ebullience with mountainous detonations and spin out filaments of eerie alien tonalities and bursts of fretless bass bubbling — and you’ll encounter a guitar solo that rockets the song even further into the red zone.

The instrumental performers manage the impressive feat of sounding like they’re all going to blow apart at the seams at any moment (or stroke-out from the speed and intensity of their endeavors) yet the precision of the execution is unmistakable, all the fast-moving parts tightly integrated. And somehow the vocals — a blend of bestial growls, cauterizing screams, and other rabid sensations in between — manage to keep pace with the music’s blazing momentum.



Credit for this wild thrill-ride goes to:

Adam Rosado: Vocals, Lyrics
Alex Bacey: Guitars
Mitch Yoesle: Bass
Andrew Baird (Fallujah): Drums
Petr Oplatka: Guitars


Elsewhere on the album these guest vocalists add their contributions: Jade Ordonez (Arcane Existence, Embrium, Deliria), Crystal Rose, Kris Cana (Symbiotic), and Julian Zidarevich (Black Passage, Behold the Desecration).

Amidst Voices That Echo In Stone was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alex Bacey. Willowtip will release it on CD, LP, and digital formats, and pre-orders are open now.

Also below you can give a listen to the album’s first single, “Ritual“, in addition to today’s premiere.




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