Feb 092021


(Here’s Vonlughlio’s review of the debut album by the Indonesian brutal death metal band Hysterorrhexis, which was recently released by Dismembered Records.)

Hello dear readers, I hope you are all well and staying safe in this 2021. I have not been able to do reviews recently due to my family and myself having COVID-19 (we are well, with no major consequences in our health). Self-quarantine, medicine, and a lot of Death Metal in my household.

In this period I was able to listen to some BDM releases that, if I had heard them before doing my year-end list, would have been included, and to some new projects that are releasing music this year. Which is the case of the Indonesian band Hysterorrhexis who have just dropped their debut album Maggots Infest the Limb via Dismembered Records.



At the end of 2020 they released a storming single, and it was well-received by BDM fans around the globe. So imagine my happy surprise when I received the promo to listen to their debut in full.  This is one 2021 album that I just can’t get enough of because it’s so addictive, with a raw production that enhances each of the instruments.

It really did turn out to be a pleasant surprise when I got the promo for the full-length, as from the first listen it was clear that this was a win for BDM in 2021. I’ve lost count of how many times the record has been in my weekly playlist, and the more I listen the more I love it.

As I’ve often mentioned in some of my small reviews for IDDM bands, the Indonesian scene is one of my favorites due to their never-ending passion and commitment to the BDM genre. A lot of BDM bands come from that region, and that could be overwhelming because you can hear a bit of the same thing in some of the projects.

Of course, there are exceptions where bands stand out, and this is one of them. This band’s straight-forward delivery and skilled execution in each of the 9 songs keeps you engaged for the whole 24 minutes (which is perfect timing) and separates them from the pack.  The album has an organic sound that lets each of the instrument shine without overstepping each other, along with vocals that are just perfect (and the patterns are diverse).

This is a mandatory purchase if you enjoy BDM, and although it’s obviously still very early in the year, I would not be surprised if we find it in year-end lists.  I salute the project and the label who are underground and doing their best to release their art in an uncompromising way in the hope of promoting the genre with passion and dedication.







  1. Cheers, Vonlughlio!

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