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We’re going to assume for the moment that you caught our premiere of a track off the debut album by Becerus about one month ago. If you did check out that song (““Primeval Ignorantia”), then you already know that the music of Becerus is surprising in more ways than one. It’s surprising, first, because this Sicilian group sound a lot more seasoned than their newcomer status would suggest (perhaps less of a shock when you learn that the band includes members of Assumption and Balatonizer). But it’s also surprising because there’s more going on in their songs than brutish caveman bludgeoning, which is what the outward trappings of the band might lead you to guess.

And if you didn’t catch that previous premiere, then you’ll get to experience these surprises for the first time, because today we’re presenting yet another song off the new album, Homo Homini Brutus, which is set for release on April 30th by Everlasting Spew Records.


Photo by Sara Montenegro

This newest revelation from the album, “Grotesque Parsifal Sucurandus“, like the previously premiered song, is a short, sharp shock to the system, clocking in at just two-and-a-half minutes. But Becerus pack a lot of experiences into that run-time.

You’ll encounter gruesome, lurching grooves in the midst of cold, oppressive melody and demented shrieking leads, as well as barbarically mauling riffage, neck-cracking percussion, bestial guttural roaring, and ghastly screaming. But the changes keep coming, as the drum patterns switch continually and the band infiltrate bursts of hornet-swarm violence, angular leaping fretwork, thuggish hammer-blows, and crazed soloing.

Almost before you know it, the band have completed their dirty work and moved on, leaving the listener to go back immediately to listen again, to better understand everything that just happened. And there’s a strong temptation to do that anyway, because the song turns out to be quickly addictive.




By the way, if you happened NOT to catch our previous premiere of “Primeval Ignorantia”, you can do that below, because we’ve included that stream a second time. And if you like what you hear (and why wouldn’t you?), you can pre-order the album now on CD, tape, and digital formats. It’s all adorned by Karl Dahmer‘s savage cover art.





  1. Great stuff.

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