Mar 242021


The Zimbabwean metal band Nuclear Winter (the solo work of Gary Stautmeister) is following up its last release, the 2020 EP Stormscapes, with a second full-length named Greystone. It’s projected for release via the South African label MMD Records on May 21 of this year. In the lead-up to the album release Nuclear Winter has begun releasing stand-alone singles from the record. The first of those was “Corridor of Shells“, and today we present a second one, “The Harvest Moon“.

Nuclear Winter‘s music has evolved, and as Stautmeister has commented, this new release is “more electronic” than the previous EP and displays improved production values, but still employs an amalgam of industrial and melodic death metal.



The first single, “Corridor of Shells“, which is “about a battle in which the surrendering army brings shame to their country”, is bursting with ferocious energy. Surging forward at a fast pace, it delivers jolting riffs and battering drums, overlaid by rippling keys and swirling, wraith-like melody, accompanied by a mix of high-flying singing and serrated-edge roars and snarls. As forecast, it’s accented by flickering electronics. The hard-charging momentum of the song has a visceral urgency, while the melodic accents create a contrasting sensation of eerie and ethereal mystery.



The song we’re premiering today, “The Harvest Moon“, is also fast-paced and pugilistic, attacking with a mix of battering percussion, feverish riffing, booming low-frequencies, and darting keyboards, along with shattering shrieks, vicious growls, and fervent singing. Maybe even more high-energy than the first single, the music incorporates crashing detonations, fast-slugging rhythmic bursts, and wild, sky-high melody that seems to scream in exultation.




Both of these singles are available on Bandcamp now via the links below, and we’ve also included links that will alert you to more news about the album release in the coming weeks.



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