Apr 132021


Daniele Valeriani‘s cover art for Acausal Intrusion‘s debut album Nulitas perceptively connects to the experience of the music. Both are malevolently frightening (even monstrously so), disturbingly surreal, and transfixing. The linguistic preview of the music offered by I, Voidhanger Records (who will release the album on May 21st) also effectively summons some of that experience:

Acausal Intrusion play chaotic technical death metal tapping into regions beyond time and space, a vessel for ancient and unknown forces to channel into this earth, to dismantle the psyche and destroy the ego”.

And so too does the expression of the album’s concept provided by Nythroth, one of the two men who joined forces to make the music (the other goes by the name Cave Ritual):

“The acausal realm is the source of all true life. It lays beyond our causal world and is inhabited by ancient entities and chaotic energies usually too terrifying for humans to behold. Their intrusion into our reality can spark an alchemical process of transformation through which the individuals emerge on the other side with renewed self-consciousness.”



The experience of the music itself is of course the best way to form impressions of it. If you caught the album’s first advance track, “Nexious Shapeshifters“, then you already have an idea of its intensely chaotic and psychedelic properties, and you’ll get a further idea from the dazzling disturbances to be experienced in the song we’re premiering today — “Qabbalistic Conjoining Existence“.

The song assaults the mind with rumbling low-end upheavals, maniacally clattering snare-drum, dissonant blurting leads that spiral into eerie quivering vibrations, and grotesque guttural roars. The song slows into a groaning slog marked by periodic snare-drum spasms and overlaid by more of those spectral shimmerings.

When the music goes into another seizure, the lead guitar squeals in convulsions of derangement, in contrast to the slow unfolding of the ghastly growls, and then it heaves forward and surges in instrumental feeding frenzies, and creates boiling waves of wailing, anguished tones above the undercurrents of massive tectonic mangling in the low end. The song eventually heaves and moans again — another ominous crawl beneath a canopy of ghostly emanations.


Cave Ritual

The two participants in this mutilating madness divided their tasks as follows: Cave Ritual performing drums, vocals, and “rhythmic eroding disruptions”, and Nythroth performing guitar, bass, keyboards, backing vocals, chants, and “sinister spells of chaos”.

I, Voidhanger recommends Nulitas for fans of Ulcerate, Gorguts, Timeghoul, Convulsing, and Demilich. The album is available for pre-order in variant-colored 2XLP vinyl, digipack CD, and digital formats.

And in case you did happen to miss that previous advance track, “Nexious Shapeshifters“, we’ve included a stream of that below, along with today’s premiere. The tensions and turmoils at the core of that previous song’s intricate labyrinth of sound never really relent, though it achieves a kind of frightening magnificence as it maneuvers through its twisting and turning course, which include sensations that are full of menace and oppression, as well as feverishly unhinged.






  1. This joint is ABSOLUTELY SICK.
    & that artwork!
    & how cool must your parents be to name you “Cave Ritual” …?

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