Apr 272021


It seems, as wise people have said for millennia, that all good things must come to an end. And so, after a career that has spanned a quarter-century, the Finnish symphonic black metal band Gloomy Grim will be releasing their final album later this month.

This new and last release is entitled Agathonomicon, and it includes 10 tracks that revel in darkness and horror. So far, two singles from the album have emerged, and today we bring you a third one — “They Are Waiting” — before Satanath Records and MurdHer Records jointly issue the entire release on April 28th.



In this new song you can feel the bass in your bones and the drums in your neck, and streams of eerie gleaming melody wail like a host of poltergeists above those visceral rhythms. As the pacing slows and savage snarls, cold roars, and extravagant cries tell a tale of hauntings and witchery — of the inner legions of the dark who wait for us — the melody seems to grow more fear-stricken and despairing, building mounting moods of tension and frightening peril.

The music grows more ominous and twisted, even as those potent rhythms continue to hammer, slug, and stomp — but freakish, flickering guitars send the song to heights of madness and mayhem before the track ends in a fervent chant — which extols, perhaps calls upon, or perhaps warns about, those dark legions who are waiting.


photos by Timo Muilu

Below you will find our premiere stream of “They Are Waiting“, plus streams of the two previous singles from this last album — “The Hermit” and “Blood, Monster, Darkness“.

Satanath Records and MurdHer Records will be releasing Agathonomicon in CD editions as well as digitally, along with assorted bundles. You can explore the options via the links below






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