May 312021

Becerus co-stars

Goat mosh pit!

Hold that thought for a minute.

Back in February you might have caught our premiere of a track named “Primeval Ignorantia” off Homo Homini Brutus, the thoroughly killer debut album by the Sicilian death metal band Becerus. If you did check out that song, or the album as a whole, then you already know that the music of Becerus is surprising in more ways than one.

It’s surprising, first, because this group sound a lot more seasoned than their newcomer status would suggest. But it’s also surprising because there’s more going on in their songs than brutish caveman bludgeoning, which is what some of the outward trappings of the band might lead you to guess.

But if you didn’t catch that previous premiere and have failed to discover the album (shame on you!), you’ll get to experience these surprises for the first time, because today we’re presenting a video for that same song — and it’s a highly entertaining video, one that make clear that these dudes don’t take themselves too seriously, even though their music delivers a serious ass-kicking.



There are indeed primitive and primeval aspects to the bludgeoning that Becerus mete out in this compact song — clobbering grooves, lurching cadences, and brutish, wordless, prehistoric grunts — but the band also erupt like Vesuvius, spewing superheated riffage, flickering and writhing leads, and maniacal drum fusillades. Moreover, the song includes a freakish, incinerating solo — and those bellows ignite into screams. In addition, Becerus move through these multiple changes with turn-on-a-dime suddenness and surgical precision.

As for the video, the audience for the band’s performance isn’t a typical one (fuck the pandemic!), but the music does still stir that audience into motion. We also witness the administration upon the band of incentives for them to deliver vigorous beatings and to ignite maniacal conflagrations with complete dedication and enthusiasm.



The album’s savage cover art was created by Karl Dahmer, and it adorns both CD and tape editions that are available now from Everlasting Spew Records, along with digital downloads.






  1. That was a hell of a good song!

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