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Eight years on from their last album, the acclaimed De ödeslösa, the Swedish Viking/pagan metal band Thyrfing will be bringing forth their eight full-length on August 27th through their new label, Despotz Records. Consistent with the band’s inspirations of Norse mythology, its title is Vanagandr, an alternate name for the wolf creature known by the more familiar Fenrir.

In the run-up to the new album’s release, the band have already released two striking videos for two striking tracks from the new record, “Döp dem i eld” and “Jordafärd”, and today we’re privileged to bring you a third single, again accompanied by a tremendous video — filmed at the fortress known as Bohus Fästning along the old Swedish-Norwegian border, and directed by the great Patric Ullaeus. The song is “Järnhand“, which translates as “Iron hand”.


From left to right:
Patrik Lindgren (guitars)
Dennis Ekdahl (drums)
Jens Rydén (vocals)
Joakim Kristensson (bass)
Fredrik Hernborg (guitars)


This new song is a visceral thriller, and a dynamic and richly multi-faceted experience as well. It swaggers and swings, pounds and thrusts, with primal, carnal power — but the riffing also swirls and rises in mesmerizing fashion, and brilliantly gleams like expansive vistas of sun-lit ice, spawning feelings of awe. The chiming and rippling guitars are anchored by spine-shaking rhythms, and the persistently scorching vocals give the music a fuel of primal savagery.

But this electrifying song’s multiple facets don’t end there. The band add a soaring, folk-influenced melody that at times sounds like massed flutes or pipes, as well as a scintillating solo and heroic choral voices that contribute to the music’s air of ancient majesty. And the band further make room for soft guitar harmonies that fashion a mood of mysticism and moodiness.

About this song, Thyrfing have commented: “Another single track, and I think it holds many of the typical Thyrfing elements from later years. Having both grit and guts, but also melody and mood. Could probably have fitted in quite well on the Farsotstider album back in 2005. The lyrics are about perfection of power and the urge to cling to it at any cost.”



Vanagandr was co-recorded and co-produced by Jakob Herrmann (In Flames, Machine Head, Evergrey) at Top Floor Studios, Gothenburg, and it was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, U.D.O., Katatonia) The art concept was executed by Niklas Sundin of Cabin Fever Media (ex-Dark Tranquillity).

Despotz will release the album in multiple physical formats as well as digitally, and pre-orders are available now via the links below.

Below we’re also including videos for those first two singles that were released from the new album.






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