Jun 252021


Three years ago we had the ghoulish pleasure of premiering the debut album of the precocious Finnish death metal band Galvanizer, summing it up as “a full-throttle, titanically toned barrage”, with each compact song delivering “an electrifying death/grind rampage, each one spliced with grooves”. As we wrote then, “the music rips, romps, and pounds, and sometimes (but not often) it drops into a grisly, staggering lurch,” with the whole affair draped in “a morbid mantle of horror”.

Sanguine Vigil was indeed hellishly impressive, and so is their full-length follow-up, Prying Sight of Imperception. It’s so impressive that Me Saco Un Ojo and Everlasting Spew have again teamed up to release it, as they did the debut album, and so impressive that we’ve again signed on for a premiere in advance of the July 26 release date. Today’s revelation is “The Ever-Crescent“.



Galvanizer’s music is powered by a gut-slugging bass and a skull-popping drum attack, providing a heavy and head-hooking power train for thick, noxious, bone-grinding guitars and monstrous roars.”The Ever-Crescent” begins like the advance of a huge, hard-hitting, heavy-grooved juggernaut and then the drum rhythm becomes a flurry of punkish scampering and militarized bullet-spitting, while the low-slung, chain-sawing riffage transforms into an even more maniacal and ravenous beast, and the vocals erupt in livid, serrated-edge howls and harrowing screams. Weirdly quivering solos and mutated bass moans enhance the music’s menacing, supernatural atmosphere, but also insinuate tendrils of insidious melody that create a ravishing crescendo of madness.


Me Saco Un Ojo will be releasing Prying Sight of Imperception on vinyl LP, while Everlasting Spew will handle the CD version. Pre-order details are available via the links below.

And then after that you can check out the album’s first single, “The Inexorable“. It’s just as electrifying, just as rotten, and just as mauling as the song we’re presenting today. It stands as further proof of Galvanizer’s bestial and barbarous powers, and their capacity to cook up brain mangling riffs and neck-snapping beats that prove to be quickly addictive. But this song also takes a brief detour into moods of inhuman horror and hopeless misery before one final outburst of savagery.




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