Jul 092021


Transcending Obscurity Records has already revealed enough music from the mind-boggling new album by the Norwegian death metal band Diskord that perhaps most fans of adventurous metallic extremity are already well aware of what a wild and exhilarating trip it is. Yet perhaps we’ll still catch a few new ears today with our premiere of another astonishing track off the record — the name of which is Degenerations — in advance of its August 3rd release.

Diskord’s intricate and unpredictable music is capable of rapidly twisting and turning your mind so that it resembles a Rubik’s Cube prior to the beginnings of the puzzle’s solution. Everything within your head may feel lined up in the right order when you begin, but then Diskord spins it in reverse, creating a jumble of brilliant colors. In the case of the song we’re presenting today, “Dirigiste Radio Hit“, the music creates overarching moods of madness and ferocity, but how it does this is a source of considerable fascination and continuous thrills.



Along the way Diskord rush you through a labyrinth of unexpected tempo changes marked by astonishing drum progressions and bubbling, mercurial bass acrobatics. In its shifting rhythms the music plods, pounds, rumbles, scampers, trips, gallops, and batters. Against those unsteady yet somehow still head-hooking percussive contortions the guitars (and other harder-to-place instruments) moan, bray, spasm, skitter, mewl, jab, slither, and swirl, using persistent elements of dissonance and minor-key tension to enhance the moods of lunacy and bamboozling disorientation. Meanwhile, the vocals morph as well, veering from vicious snarls to horrid roars, from cavernous gutturals to rabid screams.

It’s all mind-boggling, but perhaps as fascinating as the inventive instrumental escapades is the fact that somehow it never feels like the roller-coaster ride has left the rails. The gear-shifting rhythms somehow stay on course and even get your head moving; even if the grooves don’t last long, they re-surface in ways that pull you back on track, and the same is true of other mutating instrumental motifs.



It’s kind of amazing that this experience was created by just three people, whose superior technical gifts have enabled them to bring lots of mystifying ideas into reality. Those people are:

Hans Jørgen – Drums and vocals
Dmitry (Defect Designer) – Guitars and vocals
Eyvind (Defect Designer) – Bass guitar, electric upright bass, cello, theremin, synth, vocals

Apart from their own talents, Diskord have also benefitted again from the visual art of Sindre Foss Skancke, whose abstract and eye-catching cover art suits the music very well. And the band have further benefitted from the mixing and mastering skills of Colin Marston.

Transcending Obscurity recommends Degenerations for fans of Demilich, Carcass, Morbus Chron, VoidCeremony, early Cadaver, Atheist, Disharmonic Orchestra, Cynic, Atrocity, Phlebetomized, Cryptic Shift, and Defect Designer.

Get pre-order details via the links below, and then check out streams of the previously released songs “Abnegations”, “Bionic Tomb Eternal”, and “The Endless Spiral”.

US: http://transcendingobscurity.aisamerch.com/
EU: https://transcendingobscurity.8merch.com/
Bandcamp: https://diskordband.bandcamp.com/



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