Jul 152021


On August 4, 2021, Sun & Moon Records will release a new album by the “Necro Doom” band Anguish from Uppsala, Sweden. Entitled Doomkvädet, the album adds to a discography that includes a few shorter releases and the previous full-lengths Through the Archdemon’s Head (2012), Mountain (2014), and Magna est vis Siugnah (2018).

To help introduce the new album, today we’re presenting a lyric video for a frightening, soul-suffocating track named “Herein I Burn“, one that brings into play ingredients of traditional occult doom, but merge them with elements of death metal and other sonic elements that help create a truly unearthly and terrifying atmosphere.



The song’s opening riff, which ultimately becomes a chilling tripartite harmony, is morbid, necrotic, and supernatural. It relentlessly worms its way into your head, joined by a bass that heaves the earth and a drum pattern that slugs the listener in the gut and cracks the neck. As the song unfolds, it remains crushingly heavy, oppressively dismal, and piercingly eerie — necro doom indeed. As for the vocals, which narrate an occult tale in spine-tingling fashion, they’re harsh, flesh scarring snarls and howls, which eventually soar and scream in seeming possession.

At times, the music becomes more unhinged, through bursts of jittery and shrill fretwork and eruptions of percussive clobbering, but also even more abysmal, hopeless, and otherworldly. The band stomp and tower like an obsidian monolith… and then the nightmare fades away into the grim, lumbering tones of the bass alone.



Below you’ll find links for pre-order info, as well as a stream of the previously released track “Consumed by the Necro Doom





  1. Cover seems a Gorguts tribute )

    • Hadn’t thought about it, but now that you mention it — “Considered Dead.” And it’s crazy to think that album is going to turn 30 years old this fall.

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