Jul 152021


Last month we had the pleasure of premiering a mind-blowing song off the new album by the Ukrainian technical death metal band Brilliant Coldness, and today we’re premiering another extraordinary adventure from the album, a song named “Phantasm” that will be released as a single on July 16th. And although we’ll later repeat some of the background info we provided in our first premiere, what we’re going to do now is jump straight to the music.

Brilliant Coldness are the kind of band who don’t waste time. It’s as if there’s a timer ticking down and they’re going to explode if they don’t eject the music as fast as they can and without delay. And so “Phantasm” immediately discharges wild, cavorting riffage that feverishly needles at the listener’s mind over bullet-spitting drumwork and equally febrile and fantastical bass escapades.

With lyrics expelled through gritty, ravenous growls, the adrenaline-fueled guitars leap and twist, dart in spasms and swirl in quivering ecstasy. The song is propelled to even more extravagant heights by a fret-melting solo that (true to the song’s name) wails as well as explodes in displays of jaw-dropping pyrotechnics. Not to be outdone, the rhythm section continue to demonstrate an equal level of mind-boggling technical skill. The whole thing is just fucking exhilarating.



The name of the new album is The Ultimate Dream. Plan B: Disposal Of Humanity, and it’s set for release on July 30th by Dead Center Productions. Brilliant Coldness characterize the new music as “academic death metal”. They ask you to imagine Niccolò Paganini performing extreme metal, “the music played at the limit of physical abilities”. They say further: “It’s a powerful energetic flow of minds and feelings; a journey to the world of magic and wizardry of the human mind’s endless abilities!” And this song we’ve brought you today is a great illustration of what the band are talking about.

By way of background, the inception of Brilliant Coldness traces back to 1997, although their debut album Beyond Eternity didn’t emerge until 2003. The same Dead Center Productions released that first full-length, a long 18 years ago. Three years later, the band independently released a second full-length, Poisoned Reality, which was then released by the Dutch label Apollon Records in 2009. But after that second album a long period of silence ensued. Now that silence is being broken, in reunion with Dead Center. Not surprisingly, the line-up that recorded this new third album features some new members, but still includes founding bassist Oleksandr ‘Mor’ Umurzakov and founding guitarist Serhii ‘Angel’ Udovenko.



Below, you’ll find links about how to stream and acquire the music, and you’ll also find streams of the two previously released tracks, “The Crown of Darkness“ and “Technogenic Illusion” (the one we premiered).



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