Jun 172021


The inception of the Ukrainian technical death metal band Brilliant Coldness traces back to 1998, although their debut album Beyond Eternity didn’t emerge until 2003. Dead Center Productions released that first full-length, a long 18 years ago. Three years later, the band independently released a second full-length, Poisoned Reality, which was then released by the Dutch label Apollon Records in 2009. But after that second album a long period of silence ensued. Now that silence is being broken.

Dead Center Productions and Brilliant Coldness have re-united for the band’s third album, The Ultimate Dream. Plan B: Disposal Of Humanity, which is set for release on July 30th. Not surprisingly, the line-up that recorded it featured some new members, but still includes founding bassist Mor and founding  guitarist Angel.

Brilliant Coldness characterize the new music as “academic death metal”. They ask you to imagine Niccolò Paganini performing extreme metal, “the music played at the limit of physical abilities”. They say further: “It’s a powerful energetic flow of minds and feelings; a journey to the world of magic and wizardry of the human mind’s endless abilities!” As an illustration of what the band are talking about we have for you  today a premiere stream of one of the new songs, “Technogenic Illusion“.



The song is indeed a high-energy, high-speed escapade that’s capable of boggling the mind, and yet includes its own internal groove, with a pulse that gets stuck in the head — though you might not fully notice its effects until the song is nearly over.

However, the song’s clever opening is more beguiling than mind-bending. It features the musing interplay of guitar and bass, twining around each other in the fashioning of a spell. The bass continues to noodle and muse, but becomes surrounded by jolting, abrasive chords and pounding drums. And then the acceleration comes — the drums hammering and tumbling, the guitars throwing off a flurry of angular, darting, ebullient sensations (the gravel-chewing bass becomes more animated as well). Oh, but there’s no ebullience in the cruel growling voice, just sounds of malevolence and rage.

Things get faster still, as a run-up to a soloing extravaganza, which, brief though it is, makes an exciting impact. And then the instrumentalists resume their fast-paced cavorting and careening momentum, all the moving parts flying around like manic birds but also locked in, and collectively delivering start-stop bursts of ferocity near the end, providing the foundation for one final soloing flare.



Before, you’ll find links about how to stream and acquire the music, and you’ll also find a stream of the previously released track, “The Crown of Darkness“, which will keep your heart-rate high.




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