Jun 162021


We’re not paid by the word around here (we’re not paid anything around here). But if we were, I wouldn’t make enough from this post to buy a cheap beer. Being short on time today, I’ve resorted to what I seem to be doing with increasing frequency in these round-ups, i.e., just foisting music and videos on you without commentary, artwork, or links.

Rest assured, however, that I’m foisting the following songs and films for a reason — because I think they’re worth your time. Or at least some of them will be worth your time, while others might not be your genre-cup of tea. I don’t expect that everyone out there will be as small-c catholic in their tastes as I am.

I did have enough time to briefly summarize the release info for the records that include the music I’ve chosen — or, regarding the first item, the artwork I’ve chosen, because there’s no music yet from that album.



The artwork at the top of this post, created by the great Eliran Kantor, adorns a new Obscura album named A Valediction, which Nuclear Blast plans to release on November 19th. Debemur Morti is a two-track EP by White Ward, named for the band’s label because the EP is its 200th release; the EP includes a guest vocal performance by Lars Nedland (Borknagar, Solefald) and it will be released on June 25th.

Next I’ve installed a quartet of videos. The first (which I learned about thanks to a comment on the original version of this post by Raaf616) is a drum playthrough by White Ward drummer Yevhenii Karamushko performing one of the songs on the afore-mentioned EP. The Celeste song, which comes with a video by by Chariot Of Black Moth, is a new single, released to help spread the word about the band’s signing with Nuclear Blast for the forthcoming release of their sixth album. “To Feed The Worms” is off Cognitive’s new album Malevolent Thoughts of a Hastened Extinction, out on July 16th via Unique Leader. And then you’ll encounter a very gory video for the first advance track from Ex Deo‘s new album The Thirteen Years Of Nero, coming on August 27 via Napalm Records.

After that I’ve collected “Transcending Fire“, an Enshine single just released today; “Hjarta”, from Eldingar’s debut album Maenads, set to be released on July 1st by Pest Records; One With the Riverbed‘s “Carcass”, from an album named Absence that will be released on August 20 by Snow Wave Records; and “Your Void Is Mine”, the twisted first advance track from Eden’s debut album, The First Circle, set for release by Brucia Records on July 30.

And finally, I want to direct you to Cvlt Nation, who have the exclusive premiere today of “From The Noisome Pestilence”, a song off Disavowed, and Left Hopeless, the new album by Our Place of Worship Is Silence (coming out on August 27th via Translation Loss Records).











  1. Great collection of songs, thanks! One tiny typo: ‘o’ instead of ‘a’ in White Ward’s name. Can’t bloody wait for the new Obscura tbh. White Ward released a drum play-through for one of the songs too, I’m not on here everyday so not sure if you guys shared it. Their next LP is certainly something I’m anticipating feverishly and if this EP is anything to go by they might venture into the dissonant realm a bit more? Nedland’s vox first threw me off, but overall a satisfying release:)

    • Thanks for catching that typo! We have not covered that drum playthrough – I missed it, and it would have made a good companion to the EP stream in this post. In fact, I’m going to add it!

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