Jul 172021


This may be the only NCS post of the weekend, and even this one is hurried. I have a work meeting this morning. There’s also a celebration planned for tonight that I have to prepare for. What the hell kind of party requires hours of preparation? One that involves speech-making. But it’s still a party, and has all the earmarks of one that’s going to keep me up past midnight, which means a very late awakening on Sunday and some unpredictable degree of mental incapacitation, which is why there may not be a SHADES OF BLACK column tomorrow.

As for today’s metal roundup: I posted a big one yesterday exclusively devoted to new songs with videos, but big as it was it still didn’t exhaust all the good new tracks that surfaced over the last week. And of course it didn’t include the usual Friday flood of new song reveals. A few of my NCS comrades made sure I didn’t overlook what that Friday flood flung up on the beach, and I’ve included a few of their suggestions as well as a few of my own picks that I left out of that video-only roundup yesterday. Coincidentally all the songs included here also came with videos, hence the title of this post.

What’s missing today, for the most part, is my own commentary. I’ll give you a minute to dab the tears from your eyes… and then on we go….




We begin with yet another single destined to appear on a new Insomnium EP named Argent Moon, pegged for release on September 17th.




The album is Gloire Éternelle, due for release on October 29th.




This video is for another song off Malevolent Thoughts of a Hastened Extinction, which was released yesterday, the same day the video was released. Andy Synn reviewed the album for us here.




This next video is age-restricted, which means I can’t embed it here. You’ll have to follow this link to YouTube. The album is Arkivet, due for release on August 27th.


DROTT (Norway)

Creepy music paired with a creepy video. It may interest you to know that Drott’s lineup consists of Arve Isdal (Enslaved), Ivar Thormodsæter (Ulver), and Matias Monsen. Arve Isdal also directed the video and helped film it, along with Cathrine Wespesta. The debut album is Orcus, set for release on September 24th.




This video is for a new single by this Brazilian band, which eventually will be included on a new album. If you listen closely you’ll hear the contributions of Argentinian singer Noelia Recalde, to go along with the blast-furnace intensity of frontman Caio Augusttus.



KEHLVIN (Switzerland)

This is the first single from Kehlvin’s new album Holistic Dreams, to be released on September 24th.




This is a single released on June 25th that DGR recommended.




And to close, here’s a video recommended to me by TheMadIsraeli. The song is off this Kansas City thrash band’s debut album Grand Currents, which was released last year. These three young dudes (and yes they are really young) are brothers — Abe, Eli, and Henry Ismert.


  1. Really liked the Drott and Aethereum. Definitely going to explore those two. Thanks for the post.

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