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Those of us in the metal trade know that Friday’s have become a dumping ground, or a deluge from above, or a flood tide… pick your metaphor for a day when a ton of new songs and videos drop. Yesterday was in that vein. With help from some other NCS slaves I made a giant list, and did a freestyle kick through it. Found a lot to like, and decided to grab a baker’s dozen of tracks for your entertainment, all of which happened to arrive with videos.

In terms of verbiage, I’m just going to ejaculate my immediate visceral reactions without fully formed sentences or consistent punctuation. Unless I just keep quiet I don’t know how else to manage commentary on so many songs and films, and of course keeping quiet would be sheer torture for moi.

ABORTED (Belgium)

A creepy, horror-drenched intro opens the book on a jolting and blazing calamity that soon goes berserk… despite its title, the song doesn’t really drag you to hell, it fires you into hell with a howitzer… and all the devils are there, ready to rip and ruin… but also to reveal the sweeping, bombastic glory of their awful domain….

Filip Danielsson of Humanity’s Last Breath guests on this track. From the album ManiaCult (September 10, via Century Media).






We begin with beckoning tones and a prayer, and then the slugging, the battering, and the growling and howling begin… grim and dark in the low end, searing and screaming synth eeriness above, relentlessly compulsive drum rhythms throughout… an unnerving experience….

The song in this lyric video is the latest single, and the title track, from this band’s debut album, out on August 6th (and available here).





BORIS (Japan)

We’ve been invited into a futuristic factory and splayed out on a rushing assembly line while our brothers and sisters ahead of us are hammered into new silvered shapes with increasing and then diminishing frenzy, with a howling banshee and sounds of freakish ecstasy in our ears… we ourselves wait to be re-crafted into something more useful… or maybe simply to be recycled as figures in a nightmare, with that voice ringing in our ears….

This livestream performance of “Loveless” was released in support of upcoming vinyl releases of NO and Flood via Third Man Records (August 27).






A thundering and scorching storm of bone-smashing and mind-mauling fury, threaded with filaments of unearthly melody, and a video that makes the most of vocalist Scott Lewis‘ frightening countenance and his varying vocal ferocity. If the foundation of your crib cracks open, you’ll know who to blame… whom to blame….

From Graveside Confessions, September 3 via Nuclear Blast.





EX DEO (Canada)

Prepare to bend your neck, and to be lifted and pummeled by the imperial might and fury of the song… though the aura of ancient power is coupled with time-traveling bits of darting electronica and with Brittney Slayes (Unleash the Archers) adding sky-high singing and formidable speaking. Pure elemental bombast, but what else would you expect?

From The Thirteen Years of Nero, out August 27 on Napalm Records.






You must have done something rotten to deserve such a grim and merciless beating, to be carved by the circle-saw riffing, and to have Lindsay O. gnaw on the marrow of your splintered bones… don’t come crying to me for help… I shudder at the thought of the mosh pit when this band plays live….

Premiered at Decibel, this is from the Incendiary Truths EP, to be released on August 13th.






You will be mercilessly hammered, and have your nerves torqued, but be sent musing, even though the drums continue firing your pulse… a goblin will scream an inch from your nose while big brazen chords levitate your form… perhaps your eyes will bulge from their sockets in witness to the extraordinary drum acrobatics… perhaps your head will be spun by the freakish and feverish guitar machinations… perhaps you’ll be left gasping for breath… and if none of these things happens, something’s gone wrong with your bodily functions… probably wise to call 911 either way….

And oh hell I’ve just discovered that there’s another, even more recent, Feral Lord song out there… I’ll include it, but leave you without an introduction, because I have a phone call to make…

Both tracks are from Purity of CorruptionAugust 28th on Vargheist Records.






It’s no movie theater you would ever want to enter unless you have an end-of-life wish, and things get worse from there… but the music is an electrifying and explosive musical centrifuge, mounted on a roller-coaster, with your brain in the whipping and whirling cradle… complete with glorious soloing, crazed vocals, and war-zone percussive decimation…. in other words, Inferi have returned….

Another Decibel premiere — from Vile Genesis, a September 10 release via The Artisan Era.






A sonic dream that glistens and wails, and warps and wraps itself around your mind like a golden serpent… but rattles the spine too, and then begins to claw at it… a mind-bender of a trip, and a showcase for guest Bruce Lamont‘s smoky and spellcasting saxophone. The video doesn’t let you perceive anything with clear eyes either.

Yet another Decibel premiere. The record is Lovers In Wartime, out on July 30th from disorder-recordings.





SARS (Finland)

Ichor dripping over roses in a bottle, gushing from a mouth, static on a TV and a seated figure in spasms, who eventually writhes on the floor… and a blaring, screaming, clobbering, gut-slugging, and mind-twisting mass of musical mayhem to go along with it….

The song in the video is a stand-alone single, but the relevantly named SARS are also working on a forthcoming full-length to be announced later this year.






Man, this dude knows how to riff… fuzz-bombed guitar takes center stage, backed by punk and rock beats and imperious, ugly-as-sin vox… a lot of primal, diabolical appeal on display in this thrusting and thrashing workout… a mix of predatory menace and carnal body heat, channeling Bathory and Hellhammer and goat-headed demons taking people from behind….

“Necrowar” is from an EP named War, Pestilence and Sacrifice. Out on August 31st via the Helldprod label.






Enough fuzz on these gargantuan riffs to coat your mind in a black mold that finds nourishment there, and enough heavyweight punch by the hard hitters in the rhythm section to leave your sheetrock looking like Swiss cheese…. the woozy and wailing vocals have psychoactive properties, as does the trippy soloing… you might become entranced if you could ignore your skeletal and gastrointestinal trauma and the feeling of crushing calamity….

Metal Injection premiered this one. The video is for the title track of Nefarious Wave, an album released in June by Blue Funeral Recordings.






A big beefy bass intro leads to grim, grinding, tremolo’d chords and howling vocal hostility, and then a maelstrom of eviscerating and bullet-spitting madness… with bursts of symphonic magnificence and pile-driving obliteration to make sure all the last molecules of oxygen have been sucked from your lungs and all parts of your skull-geography have been fractured….

The song in the video is from In The Wake Ov Sòl, an album we slept on but are now awake to. Released on June 4 by Unique Leader.



  1. Some great stuff from many of my old stand-bys… Aborted, Carnifex, Inferi…

    At the respect of losing all trve credibility, the last concert I attended featured Unleash the Archers in mid-March 2020. Brittney Slayes has an unbelievable voice, and is pitch perfect live!

  2. Fantastic collection! Just what was needed as part of a weekend of picking myself up from lockdown-related anxiety.
    SARS just hit me in the guts, the sort of impact where emotions are bursting everywhere and my breath is taken away. Was hard to find previous stuff of the band, but https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUY4apYjiYU is also fab and very intense that they released from last year, In Blood and Burn.
    Is that the heaviest that Carnifex has sounded in a while? (felt though that the breakdown at the end cheapened the song a bit).
    The Eyes of Perdition song is an example of where there’s a lot of new territory for death metal bands to take some bits of BDM and slam and incorporate them in fresh ways.
    Also other great stuff here. Loved the Lotus Thrones track.

    • Thanks for the comments. This collection was a lot of fun to put together, and I’m glad you had fun with it too.

      • Happy Sunday listening to this fantastic collection of songs – admitingly I detoured slightly after hearing the SOMNURI track to listen to everything I could find from them thank you for mentioning them.

        All in all there wasn’t a weak song in this collection & quite a few bands I’ll be keeping an eye on (SARS, Lotus Throne, Bleeding Malice, anything by Brittney Slayes)

        • Excellent! The main point of big collections like this is to lure people in who already have favorites in the group but then expose them to new things that might grab them. Seems to be working!

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