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We’re still banging the drum and yelling at the top of our lungs about Occulsed, with this being our third (but not the last) premiere of music from their debut album Crepitation Of Phlegethon. We’ve previously remarked about the intriguing wordplay reflected in the album and song titles, which have repeatedly sent us scurrying to the dictionary, and it’s true again with today’s new song: “Concupiscence Of Frenzied Humors

For those who might have missed our previous premieres, shame on you this latest track vividly displays the band’s talents for creating electrifying visions of horror and disease, of madness and mayhem, and of blood-freezing intrusions from spectral realms.



The music is undeniably macabre as it moves through differing phases of death metal terror. True to the song’s name, the seething and swarming riffage and riotous drumming create vicious frenzies, seeming to manifest contagion run amok, cutting through life like a ruthless scythe, accompanied by abyssal echoing gutturals that are almost more felt than heard. It’s a dense and unnerving miasma of sound, and as the song evolves those sounds manage to bring in feelings of misery and fear.

There’s a supernatural aura that surrounds even the most deranged spasm in the track, but that atmosphere becomes even more pronounced when the lead guitar rises, flickering and wailing like ghosts that are both predatory and hopeless. Doomed chords crawl and moan, enhancing the music’s feeling of desolation and despair, leading to one final paroxysm of gut-gouging, brain-mauling madness.



Again for those who may be discovering Occulsed for the first time despite our best efforts to trumpet their achievements, this Atlanta-based band combines the talents of guitarist/bassist Justin Stubbs (Father Befouled, Encoffination, etc.), drummer Jared Moran (Gastric Phantasm and roughly 100 other bands), and vocalist Kenneth Parker (Maestus, Lodge of the Emprty Bed, etc.). This new album adds to a discography that includes two preceding demos, 2019’s Cenotaph to Purity and 2020’s Ceremonial Lifelessness.

Everlasting Spew will release the album on September 17th, in CD and digital formats, with apparel. The label recommends it for fans of Incantation, Morpheus Descends, Funebrarum, and Blaspherian. A vinyl edition is projected to be available by early 2022.

If you did happen to miss our previous track premiere for “Unction of Muliebrous Broth” or our premiere of “Lurid Placeless Echoes“, you can give those tracks a spin below. They’re also abominably good.

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