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Due to me frittering away my time with lazy and inconsequential pursuits, Part 2 of this weekend roundup of new songs and videos is like Part 1 — generally bereft of artwork, the usual links, and my own descriptive commentary. Nonetheless, it does reflect the exercise of my own (possibly addled) judgment about what is worth your time, plus a desire to provide variety.

As explained in Part 1, I alphabetized 16 choices by band name before dividing them into two segments. Here we pick up with “M” and make it to “W”.


I’m getting memories of Crack the Skye from this new Mastodon song, which is a very good thing (at least it is to me). The well-made video is mysterious, and ultimately disturbing. The new album is Hushed and Grim, due for release on October 29th by Reprise Records.




I was induced to pay attention to this next song and video after reading that the band’s lineup includes members of Swallow the Sun and Children of Bodom. The song doesn’t really sound like either of those band, but is still wonderful discovery. It has a powerful percussive thrust, tribal and ritualistic, coupled with a wondrously eerie and sinister overlay of shimmering and pinging sounds. It’s also another well-deserved exception to our rule about singing. The lyric video is as enthralling as the music.

Memory Circle‘s debut album, Killing Moons, is set for release by Noble Demon on October 8th.



PSY:CODE (Denmark)

I love this next animated video. I’m hooked by the song too, which (like its name) varies in its head-spinning, genre-bending sensations — which I won’t attempt to describe. The surprise of the divergent permutations is part of the allure.

Varies” is from the band’s fifth album, PSVCODE, set for release on December 3rd.




Yet another video, for yet another gripping song by this German band — one that’s night-dark and relentlessly intense in all its perilous and punishing paroxysms, and even in its more dismal expressions of despondency and despair.

As I Watch You Perish” is from the band’s forthcoming third album When The Day Yearns For Light. The song includes a guest appearance by Nicolas Ziskate from Der Weg Einer Freiheit. The album will be released by Lifeforce Records on October 29th.




True to its name, this next song featured in a new video is a very sad one, and an exception to our rule about singing. I heard it once, and I couldn’t get it out of my head. I’ve come back to it again and again since discovering it yesterday. It motivates me to explore the album it came from — Sadness (the band defnitely aren’t hiding their cards), which was released last November.




Live In North America is a new Suffocation album set for release on November 12th by Nuclear Blast. All you really need to know about it is that it was recorded during the Death Chopping North America 2018 Tour — the final North American tour with Frank Mullen behind the mic. This next song is off that album.




I was struck by the cover art for the second Sulphurous album, though didn’t immediately recognize it as the work of Paolo Girardi. As for the new music, I stole these adjectives from a press release, because they suit the sound: cacophonous, eldritch, scathing, Lovecraftian. I would add that’s also contagious.

The song below is the title track. The album is set for release on October 22nd by Dark Descent Records (CD and digital), Me Saco Un Ojo Records (vinyl), and Desiccated Productions (cassette).




Finally, we reach the end of this long round-up, which I hope you’ve enjoyed in whole or in part.

I’ll pay attention to anything that 20 Buck Spin releases, and that’s who’s releasing the new album by these Floridians, cleverly named Foreverglade, on October 22nd. Something monstrously hideous and unearthly is moving in these dank swamps of blackened death/doom… the supernatural soloing alone will stiffen the hairs on your neck.

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  1. I don’t know what it says about my mental state that A Secret Revealed and Worm really resonated with me today. Ah well, great shit.

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