Sep 122021


Due to me frittering away my time with lazy and inconsequential pursuits, Part 2 of this weekend roundup of new songs and videos is like Part 1 — generally bereft of artwork, the usual links, and my own descriptive commentary. Nonetheless, it does reflect the exercise of my own (possibly addled) judgment about what is worth your time, plus a desire to provide variety.

As explained in Part 1, I alphabetized 16 choices by band name before dividing them into two segments. Here we pick up with “M” and make it to “W”.


I’m getting memories of Crack the Skye from this new Mastodon song, which is a very good thing (at least it is to me). The well-made video is mysterious, and ultimately disturbing. The new album is Hushed and Grim, due for release on October 29th by Reprise Records. Continue reading »

Nov 092010

The clock is ticking down on my impending temporary disappearance from blogdom. I had ambitious plans for leaving you with an album review, but decided the time would be better spent finishing up the work necessary to get more guest posts ready for publication while I’m gone. So the album review will just have to wait — possibly until the world ends.

But that doesn’t mean we have no music for you today. We do! It started with a recent video from a Danish band called Psy:code, which released a debut album called Delusion this past spring (on a Danish label called Mighty Music). I didn’t know anything about Psy:code before peeping the video, but since then I’ve done a bit of research.

The band has been around since 2002, and in the fall of 2008 it won a contest sponsored by Danish national radio and Live Nation, the prize for which was supporting Slayer at a concert in Copenhagen in November of that year. So after watching the video (which you will eventually see), I visited the band’s MySpace page and listened to a song called “Web of Lies” — a different sound than the video song, and one that was riveting.

So, then, I found a video of the band’s performance at that Slayer concert — and damned if it wasn’t that same “Web of Lies” song — but set to a boisterous live performance. And I thought, this is all too good not to pass on. So, I’m passing it on. All of it. Both videos and the song.  (after the jump, naturally . . .) Continue reading »