Oct 072021


Today we present our second track premiere from the debut album by the Italian death metal band Burial in advance of its October 29 release by Everlasting Spew Records. When presenting the first premiere, a track named “Halls of the Formless Unraveler“, we summed up the music as “both hideous and haunting, assaulting and anguished, unearthly and oppressive,” with “the capacity to hypnotize, and to create harrowing emotional disturbances”.

What we have for you today is the album’s title track, “Inner Gateways To The Slumbering Equilibrium At The Center Of Cosmos“. It’s a mammoth song, both in its length and in the stunning impact of the nightmarish musical sensations it presents. It sounds like a monstrous intrusion from some horrifying realm beyond our own plane of existence.

Delivered with mind-scraping chainsaw distortion and a stalking rhythm, the opening chords create a feeling of oppressive gloom, and feverish screaming leads lend a feeling of encroaching madness. The drums begin to hammer and bludgeon, and the turgid and torturous riffing becomes increasingly more heated and deranged, building toward the advent of cruel cavernous roars, crazed screams, and deliriously squirming guitars.

There’s a break in these calamitous experiences, the drums slowing and supernatural gleaming notes ringing in tones of misery and mystery above the crawling and gouging abrasion in the low end. This interlude has a strangely entrancing effect despite how hopeless it sounds, though a collage of strange ambient emanations makes it an increasingly unnerving trance.

Eventually, the maelstrom begins to gradually rise again through momentous and mauling chords, booming drums, and fretwork spasms. The riffing again reaches a caustic boil, like a fiery miasma of disease and degradation, with the drums clattering and clobbering in a fury and the vocalist bellowing and howling like an enormous rabid beast.

At the end, the song again pounds and stomps, swathed in abrasion, and rumbles like a titanic juggernaut, with a final dose of hopeless melody quivering its way through towering detonations.

The album is recommended for fans of Spectral Voice, Mortiferum, Krypts, and dISEMBOWELMENT. Accompanied by perfectly hideous cover art by Paolo Girardi, it’s available for pre-order now, in a wide array of physical formats (CD, tape, and vinyl), as well as digitally. For further info, check the links below — and then be sure to listen to that track we previously premiered if you haven’t yet done so:

PHYSICAL: https://bit.ly/3CdQyPU
DIGITAL: https://bit.ly/3z4pTDm


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