Oct 062021

Picking up here with the second Part of the big alphabetized roundup of new songs and videos I assembled for this hump-day…. If you haven’t yet checked out what was in Part 1, I hope you’ll do that when time allows, because there’s great stuff there too. You’ll find it through THIS LINK.


Even though Genocide Pact‘s new album is their third one, they’ve self-titled it anyway. Unless I overlooked something, the first song I’ve chosen to lead off Part 2 of this round-up is the first one to be revealed from the album. Its name is “Perverse Dominion”, and we get to see the band performing it in a video.

It’s a nasty blend of demented rampaging and morbid misery, alternately battering while generating eviscerating tremolo’d frenzies, and then oozing pestilential ghastliness.

Genocide Pact will be released by Relapse Records on December 3rd.






When I included this next song in another round-up late last week I noted that a video for it would be coming out yesterday — and so it did, and so here I am again featuring the song. The gripping music easily stands up to repeat listening, and the narrative in the video is an engrossing one, even though I’m still not positive I’ve figured it out.

I’ll add that the evocative lyrics are well-worth reading (you’ll find them beneath the video here at YouTube), and perhaps provide some clues to what the video depicts.

The band’s new album The Bleeding Veil will be released on November 26th.






I’m late to the Necronemesis party. Their new EP Some Things Should Stay Underground (which features performances by guitarist Rick Rozz (Death, Massacre)) was released in June by Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, but I overlooked it until checking out the new video for “They Live in the Attic“.

The video is very cool (though a bit gory), and suits the demented instrumental and vocal terrors of the music.





ROPE SECT (Germany)

This next video is for a song off a new two-part Rope Sect EP named Proskynesis (coming on December 10th, CD and vinyl, from Iron Bonehead Productions). The first half consists of three new tracks called “Proskynesis” I, II, and III. The second part is described as “old songs that have only previously been released digitally’. The track in the video is one of the new ones.

If you’re new to Rope Sect, despite the widespread acclaim given to 2020’s The Great Flood, the music isn’t as extreme as what you’ll usually find here, but I still fall for it. This song in particular is plenty dark and devilish, menacing and mesmerizing, and heavy on the hooks. In the vocals, it’s of course an exception to our rule.






I took a chance on the music of this progressive death metal band after seeing that it features former members of Omnium Gatherum — and includes three brothers (brothers Harri Pikka, Lauri Pikka, and Jarmo Pikka), along with lyricist lyricist Matti Rautaniemi. I’m damned glad I did.

At the beginning and the end of “Bloodstreams” the song packs jolting grooves, grand blaring chords, and wisps of mysterious whistling melody (aptly, the band call the atmosphere “shamanic”). In the middle, after a spoken-word passage, the music bursts open in a blood-pumping, neck-wrecking, thrash-fueled gallop. The effect of the change (which is also vividly captured by the accompanying video) is electric, but the opening and closing segments are also compelling — and throughout it all, the vocals are scalding.

The band’s debut album Echoes Of The Eternal Word will be released on November 19th via Transcending Records.






I guess I’m just going to continue writing about every single that Thulcandra releases from their new album, for as long as they continue revealing advance tracks, because I’ve missed this band and am really enjoying the new album. This concluding selection for today’s round-up, “Nocturnal Heresy“, again comes with a video.

The song combines sensations of brooding menace, stricken anguish, and sweeping, hard-racing savagery. The ineluctable darkness of the music, in all its shades, coupled with the magnetic power of the riffs, the dynamism of the drumming, and the scorching intensity of the vocals, makes the song stand out.

The new album, A Dying Wish, will be released on October 29th via Napalm Records.


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