Oct 062021


Today marks the first appearance at our site of The Design Abstract from Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, and it’s an enormously eye-opening advent. Though only a trio, their brand of sci-fi-inspired melodic death metal sounds like a cast of thousands, bringing into play orchestral and other electronic/industrial synth elements that magnify the scale, the sweep, and the mind-bending extravagance of the music in ways that vividly suit their futuristic narratives.

The band’s new concept album, Metemtechnosis, is their fifth record overall and it’s set for release on October 29th by Abstrakted Records. Through music that should appeal to fans of Scar Symmetry, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Soilwork, it tells the story of humanity being reborn as a creation of hyper-intelligent technology. The song we’re premiering today is “Decryptor“, and the band describe it’s place in their larger narrative with these words:


L-R – Matt Ngo (Guitar) | Voiicide (Vocals, Bass, Synth) | Logan Mayhem (Guitar, Synth)
Photo Credit: Tami Martin

The song “tells of the saviour of Aberration Omega: the fabled Decryptor. Described as ‘an angel of digital reckoning’ and ‘the archfiend of machines’, the Decryptor character is the key to the rebellion breaking through the walls of the oppressive temple, and discovering the secrets uncovered in the next album”.

In a nutshell, this new track is a tremendous, multi-faceted thrill-ride. It charges ahead full-bore with plundering and bullet-spitting drums, jolting low-frequency grooves, and bunker-busting detonations. Around those hard-hitting rhythms the band weave an intricate array of darting and swirling fretwork augmented by futuristic electronics and mesmerizing symphonic strings, plus both fluid and fret-melting solos that lift the song to even more electrifying zeniths. The vocals are equally riveting and multi-faceted, presenting an amalgam of gargantuan guttural growls, skull-splitting screams, massed yells, and singing that flies sky-high.

Apart from being a non-stop adrenaline rush, the song’s pulsating riff-harmonies and soaring melodies are also viscerally contagious. And for all its fiery energy and elaborate instrumentation, the song as a whole becomes entrancing.

More info about Metemtechnosis can be found via the links below, and we’re also providing a stream of a previously released song, “Born of Machines“.



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