Oct 062021


Cyclopean Eye is a small label in India that releases black, death, and doom metal but has also been releasing power electronics/noise/ambient music from artists mostly based in the South Asian continent. Some of the more notable artists on the roster are Genocide Shrines, Serpents Athirst, Konflict, Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes, Jyotisavedanga, and Sathara Ashtika, among others.

What we have for you today, however, is a track from the forthcoming second release by an mysterious American power-electronics/ambient artist named Bell. Entitled Enigma Calling, it’s an EP set for release by Cyclopean Eye on October 10th, and follows Bell‘s 2017 debut album Secrets from a Distant Star.

As explained by the label, this new record weighs in heavily on “an early Berlin electronics influence,” and “dwells on the ruins and embers of post WWII Germany, the Enigma Machine, missile technology and the emergence of bizarre religious cults”. It’s recommended for fans of Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, and Klaus Schulze.

The track we have for you today from Enigma Calling is “Cold Wall Radio“. While the title connects to the historical themes described above, the track also sounds like the accompaniment to a futuristic excursion into space. It embroiders an intricate array of shimmering, searing, and flickering tones over a compulsive heart-beat pulse to create a mysterious and mesmerizing effect, one that’s simultaneously vibrant and vast, cold and feverish, hypnotic and harsh. Behind that wall of chilling and thrilling sounds, a voice caustically barks in its own vehement rhythm.



Enigma Calling will be released in MCD and digital formats, and on October 10th Cyclopean Eye will also release shirts featuring designs from Bell‘s debut album.


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