Oct 112021


The titles of the five tracks on Mors Verum’s new EP The Living consist of single words — but they collectively create a sentence: “Inside Death’s Womb Purge the Living“. As this Canadian death metal trio explain, The Living is a concept EP “that beckons the listener to inspect life as an artifact of death and its infinity”, and that sentence is “a statement reflecting our observations of conscious existence”. “Though the subject matter is grim”, they say, “the music implores the listener to seek beauty in the vast emptiness of mortality.”

Dissonant and dizzying, the music does indeed create a kind of terrible and transfixing beauty, a mind-warping and continually jaw-dropping vision of delirious exultation and ruinous destruction. As to how they do this, the press materials invite you to consider a collision of such bands as Artificial Brain, Fuck the Facts, Imperial Triumphant, Plebeian Grandstand, Morbid Angel, Incantation, and Ulcerate.

More to the point, we invite you to listen to the second single from the EP that we’re premiering today in advance of its November 5 release, a track named “Purge” that will send your head somersaulting.



Mors Verum open the song with blaring chords that fashion an anti-harmony of tension and fear, degradation and despair, and then create a vicious percussive turbulence beneath it. Bellowing roars and feverish arpeggios amplify the music’s viciousness, and bursts of flaring dissonance, squirming arpeggios, and volcanic drumwork create feelings of madness and violent chaos.

Ever-changing, the percussive attack rumbles, thunders, and spits bullets at a high rate of fire, as the guitars hammer, scissor, dart like bats, mewl like tortured souls, and convulse in brazen, unnerving seizures. The overarching effect is one of derangement and terror, and it’s electrifying — heavy-grooved enough to put a charge in your pulse and bizarre enough to inject adrenaline into your blood and send shivers down your spine.

The Living serves as the group’s third release, following their 2019 full-length, Deranged, and their initial 2015 EP, Indoctrination Forest. The band’s line-up consists of drummer Greg Carvalho (ex-Bloodshot Dawn live, Aepoch), multi-instrumentalist Mrudul Kamble on guitar/bass, and vocalist Lyndon Quadros.

Digital pre-orders are now live on Mors Verum‘s Bandcamp, and a physical edition will be forthcoming from Total Dissonance Worship as well.

We’ve also included a stream of the first single released from the album — “Inside“. If anything, it’s even more wild and explosive than the track we’re presenting today. A jarring and jackhammering assault, it also discharges scathing firestorms of mind-mauling discordance and bursts of head-twisting technicality that collectively straddle a line between unhinged ecstasy, pestilential peril, and shattering emotional downfall.




  3 Responses to “AN NCS PREMIERE: MORS VERUM — “PURGE””

  1. Really good shit. Props to Islander for premiering it.

  2. These guys sound great. The comparison to Artificial Brain seems right on. This bodes well.

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