Oct 152021


The video we’re presenting today includes stunning scenes of sunrise and of cold flowing waters, of haunted souls, the descent of winter, and of graveside grief. The words tell of emotional wounds that won’t heal and of the approach of a time to die.

Like the video, the music brilliantly soars like the sun, and ebbs and flows like tidal waters. It has the majesty of nature in its vast ringing sounds, and the gloom of hopelessness and death in its gripping melodies. Its stately rhythms are viscerally compulsive, its heaviness is crushing, and its feelings of resignation and despair are heart-shaking. It casts a spell that penetrates deeply, and the spell survives the end of the song.

The name of that song is “Fractured“, and it comes from the third album by the Spanish band In Loving Memory. Entitled The Withering, it will be released on January 14, 2022, by the Funere label.

The Withering is presented as a conceptual album, and as described by the label it focuses “on the decadence & annihilation of humanity due the most probable causes: natural catastrophes, pandemics, humanity’s own actions, etc. Each song tells a story about one of those causes and how to struggle with suffering, death, fears, hopes and face the inevitable end”.

In its multi-faceted musical style, Funere describes the album this way: “It is a complex music painting that combines all the personal experiences, efforts and sufferings of the members of the band collected from very difficult and dark years, in order to create something that has a lot of nuances and draws from different metal styles in a mid-tempo record that is almost 80 minutes long encapsulated on what we can call ‘melancholic doom/death metal’.

To return to the song we’re premiering today, “Fractured” creates compelling juxtapositions of sound: the entrancing reverberation of guitars (both clean and scarring) and the immense bone-shaking pulse of the bass; sweeping cascades of shining but sorrowing melody and soft moments of loneliness; swirling arpeggios that are sublime and bursts of jittery riffing that channel an anguished feverishness; harrowing guttural roars and frightening whispers; all of it anchored by drums that boom, rock, and rumble.

It reaches heights of awe-inspiring but tragic splendor, it shakes the spine, and it does indeed cast a deep spell.

Funere will release The Withering in a jewel-case CD edition with a 12-page booklet and sticker, limited to 500 copies. For more info, check the links below.




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