Nov 022021

We’re about to expose you to a big jolt of electrifying insanity, one that’s sure to get your pulse jumping and your head spinning. It’s a hell-for-leather, no-holds-barred song called “I Will Wait For You In My Hell” by the Russian black metal band Wintaar off their new album Tear You Down, which is set for release on November 25th by the triumvirate of Satanath Records, Valgriind, and Svanrenne Music.

Even a quick glance at Wintaar‘s Metal Archives page demonstrates that the project has been incredibly prolific, releasing nearly 30 albums in just the last four years, and that’s not counting the participation of its sole creator WV in many other bands. And now Tear You Down adds to that discography, but also represents a change, in that WV has now been joined by two other permanent members, guitarist Namiros and drummer E.J.C. (who also performs additional bass and backing vocal).

In addition, WIntaar characterizes the new album as one that takes the band’s aggressiveness to the boiling point, and represents its fastest and heaviest work yet, while still presenting significant variations among the songs.

I Will Wait For You In My Hell” is definitely fast and aggressive. It begins in an immediate frenzy of hammering drums, magma-like bass bubbling, viciously writhing guitars, and insane screams. The meticulously layered guitars create a twisted, dissonant harmony of madness and misery, though all the instrumental pieces that make up this dervish-like mayhem are identifiable, thanks to enhanced clarity and separation in the mix as compared to previous releases.

Eventually, the rhythm switches to a skipping and tumbling beat, and the intricate riffing and leads seem to convey a sense of bizarre but ebullient menace. The vocals continue to scorch the senses, the guitars ripple, quiver, and thrash about with abandon, and the rhythm section continues to feed fast-changing high-octane fuel into this riotous and ruinous escapade.

The three labels will release the album in a limited digipack CD edition. It features artwork by Taya Rostovtseva and layout by Aleksey Satanath. Below you’ll find pre-order options and a stream of the previously released track “Time Devours Night“.



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