Nov 102021

On November 26th the Leprotic Limb label will present a tape release of a dinosaur-themed split by two Pacific Northwest bands — Carnotaurus and Power Beast. The title of the split is Turonian Terror, named for the second age in the Late Cretaceous Epoch and for the monstrous creatures that roamed the earth in that period — such terrors as Raptors, Ankylosaurs, Pachycephalosaurs, and the sub-aquatic giant, Kronosaurus.

Carnotaurus, self-identified as a Mesozoic Death Metal band, has already premiered one of its own tracks from the split, and today we premiere one by Power Beast. Its name is “Among the Carcasses“.

Power Beast discloses that it began life in Portland, OR, in 2016 with Brian Rush (Ænigmatum) and Elijah Losch (Uada) as a concept project consisting of short stories about real and fictional beasts. “It’s death metal infused with a heavy dose of attitude from ’80s and ’90s action/adventure TV shows,” they explain, “a little too niche for some, but scratching a certain itch for other lovers of comics, video games, Saturday-morning cartoons, and other generally Chad-resistant hobbies”.

In addition to those two founders, Power Beast now includes vocalist Logan Williams and guitarist Jake Mattison, both of Salem heavyweights Abiosis, as well as a few guest vocal spots by animals and other heavyweight drummers in the area.

Among the Carcasses” provides a prime example of Power Beast’s rampant savagery. They explain the theme of the song in these words:

Among the Carcasses” is about a young raptor, Sinornithosaurus, whose mother died shortly after it hatched. Being alone in an unforgiving world of starving dinosaurs will either teach you to grow up fast or die trying. Luckily, the genus of our young protagonist is agile, endowed with feathers for gliding, and also speculated to have a venomous bite!”

There’s a ton of venomous bite in the turbocharged music too. The brazen riffing has a mad pulsating and slashing quality, and the drumming is a galloping, battering, neck-snapping menace, while the subterranean vocals themselves fittingly manifest as the hostility of a roaring, ravenous beast. The song administers a vicious beating, and becomes even more crazed through the wailing and shrieking guitar solo.

If raptors were still among us, they would be pleased with this, don’t you think?

Below we’ve provided a track list and pre-order links for the tape. Digital downloads of each band’s side can be pre-ordered at their respective Bandcamp pages.

Below you can (and should) also check out the previously released video for the Carnotaurus track “Jagged Toothed Jaws of Primordial Carnage“.





Side A – Carnotaurus
1. Jagged-Toothed Jaws Of Primordial Carnage (Carcharodontosaurus vs Paralititan)
2. Torn From The Nest (Stenonychosaurus vs Maiasaura)
3. Clash of the Boneheads (Pachycephalosaurus)

Side B – Power Beast
4. Bred for killing (Mapusaurus vs Argentinosaurus)
5. Among the Carcasses (Sinornithosaurus)
6. Flight of the Iron Dragon (Ferrodraco lentoni vs Kronosaurus)

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